Big Guns For Israel: McCain Slams Obama on Iran – Hard! (Video Ad *updated*)

No punches pulled in the pursuit of American voters concerned about foreign policy.

I’ve yet to see anything like this so far this campaign season, this ad packs wallop with a capital Dubya. Hitting Obama where it hurts, the much coveted American Jewish swing vote, and building up the strong Evangelical base which is adamantly supporting Israel and is crucial to get out the vote stateside. No more camera snapshot sounds & celebrity snaps, this time the issue isn’t taxes either..

Dangerously Unprepared

Of course we know Obama has been hounded by close senior foreign policy advisers with questionable views, and questionable links, we know that Obama came out strongly for unconditioned dialog with Terrorist sponsoring nations like Iran, like Syria, we know that Obama has downplayed the Islamic Jihad threat to not only America, but Israel & the free world, Judaism, Christianity and even Islam itself.. We also know that Biden is an Israel supporter but he holds questionable views on appeasement and in this regard not much has been done for Obama on foreign policy.

But now we know it with a 30 second smack to the face that will be tough to counter, nice job.

There is natural reluctance to speak loudly towards candidate preference in Israel as we rely on both parties and roughly 80% favorable American public support from our chief ally, clearly this decision is for America to make as they are electing a President for the United States, but everyone knows that when push comes to shove (and it is getting there in regards to threats) John McCain is our man here in Israel if we could pick and Jewish brethren in the US who usually vote Liberal by about 65% also know it, a few ads like this in Florida can wreak havoc on the Obama / Rep. Wexler led efforts there.

UPDATE: The US Left goes bananas (Memeorandum has the action)

The Obama campaign, and surrogates are going bonkos. Check out the memeorandum mania where the usual whiners complain of distortion which says it all, the ad is a hard hitter and it hits Obama precisely where it hurts as above and they are concerned in Obamaland, this is one of his top weaknesses, he took Biden for this reason and has gotten ZERO bounce from the choice. More Iran ads please, the harder the left froths the more it means the ads are good & the polls will pop.

There is no distortion, Obama is weak on Iran, the American Democrats are WEAK on foreign policy, appeasement is not viable policy and frankly from here in Israel Obama’s golden tongue brings no comfort at all and will not bring A SINGLE SPINNING CENTRIFUGE to a halt. Susan Rice can keep yelping about how great Obama and her own advice is, that don’t make it necessarily true..

National Insecurity

This is the national security night for the American DNC, but as usual they don’t deliver much security it seems at all, because from where I sit the liberal left could care less about US allies, will do little to prevent Iran from going nuclear and will be soft on Israeli options to defend ourselves. Today I heard Susan Rice again say how they will immediately ‘engage with the peace process under Obama’, wonderful.. Another reason not to vote Obama as far as I am concerned because BS doesn’t cut it in the mid east, and things like missile defense are a way of life not a luxury for defense cuts.. Across the board Obama is by far the weaker candidate.