Ode to the Lonely Left: Peace Now runs wailing to Auntie Rice

Because no one here could care less what they say..

Up in arms, Peace Now released an ‘alarming’ report on new Israeli construction on ‘Palestinian land’. This was of course timed perfectly to the arrival of Secretary Rice in order to put the screws on Israel as much as possible. There are a few problems however with this Peace Now report & they extend beyond the mere statistical numbers.

  1. No one here cares what Peace Now has to say. They don’t represent Israel’s interests, but Europe’s interest vis a vis the Palestinians.
  2. None of these areas are Palestinians lands, the build outs are in existing settlements and frankly after 40+ years these lands, territories with thriving communities, schools, clinics, streets are now Israel and will remain so. The Palestinians can eat camel manure if they like, they should have chosen peace 40 years ago. Now they can take 90% of the West Bank or nothing as far as the avg Israeli is concerned, either one is fine.
  3. Much of the tenders for construction are Jerusalem based, who’s final status may be delayed per the norm in negotiations but has been annexed and will never be divided on account of the hapless Palestinians who couldn’t manage a 7-11 never mind a state. They will have to find a ‘farther’ mosque from Medina & Mecca it seems, because they built theirs on our land. They are squatters and we are the landlords as far a I can see it.
  4. Secretary Rice in her twilight administration months herself is trying to wring an agreement out with the weakest non functioning non government in Israel’s history. One so badly neutered and beyond effectiveness it is looking somewhat like something Abbas & the Palestinians themselves might throw together.

40 apartments here, 50 apartments there, the whole shebang is over about a 1000 apartments.  About 5 urban apartment buildings total worth of housing. It is hard to get excited over these kinds of paltry numbers frankly. It amazes me when in the Arab world and the general public at large people expect life to stop on account of the Palestinians inability to live in peace and settle their hatreds. Life is not stopping, not on account of them, not on account of Rice either..

“I think it’s no secret, and I have said it to my Israeli counterparts that I don’t think that settlement activity is helpful,” Rice said Tuesday.

Helpful to whom? If she means the Palestinians she’s right, if she means the peace process well that’s a sham so far, facts of the matter remain that these lands are not Palestinian, no Palestinian is being evicted to build an apartment. These are rolling dunes of sand, which we transform into communities. It is almost dare I say it with the DNC in session this week.. Progressive of us!

“The government of Israel continues to build in the settlement blocs and outside of them, in spite of its international obligations,” said Hagit Ofran, who heads the Peace Now Settlement Watch Team.

Ofran, the head of the Peace Now Settlement Watch, called on the government to halt construction over the Green Line and said that such building weakened the Palestinians. The report also charged that the government was trying to erase the Green Line and to expand the territorial link between the settlement blocs and the isolated settlements. [...]

Ya Think?  No! I don’t believe it! We are trying to secure our settlement blocks teeming with hundreds of thousands of Israelis & families, shocking. This is the kind of quality insight & analysis I have come to depend on from Peace Now. Poor Hagit is still living the early 90′s dream, nobody told her! Apparently she thinks we are going to remove all those Israelis because the Palestinians don’t like it and Europe is offended. Someone should inject her with formaldehyde and display her at the Israel Museum under the Oslo display of relics, this is like discovering a living T-Rex!

I don’t trust the Palestinians’ motivations, sincerity, or intentions.

Until such a time if we need apartments for our communities, we should help ourselves. Until such a time as the PA negotiates peace, they are negotiating with our lands – Not theirs as far as I’m concerned. We should build wherever we like, and they should thank their lucky stars we are so accommodating of them for 40+ years.

As for Peace Now? It doesn’t seem like it is happening, how sad indeed that a prominent left organization has little to few actual lefty Israeli constituents, that their whole purpose is subversion of our state to their European & Palestinian paymasters and the evil Israeli narrative. Used to be someone beyond Dr. Rice actually cared about what they had to say here - Those days are gone and so is the green line.

As for the power of running home to auntie, not what it used to be either it seems, because while we appreciate immesely the efforts of Dr Rice for a common good, at the end of the day we need to live here while Rice will live in Georgetown. If she wants, maybe we can arrange a nice walk-up for her in one of the new apartments being built here, Jerusalem real estate is sure to always be in high demand! She can enjoy the Israeli spring and we can sip mimosas and talk about the good ole days of Oslo when the left in Israel had power, credibility.. When Peace Now meant something, to someone somewhere in the holy land.