MSNBC Imploding: Olberman embarrassed on live TV (Video)

Radical swing left has made MSNBC a laughing stock

They are in the tank for Obama (Joe woke up angry after last nights shenanigans), unlike most of the press there is little attempt to cover it. Olberman rails against the President calls him a liar on TV complete with camera cuts and fake mock rage, everyone swoons for Obama who can do no wrong. Hillary Clinton was savaged at the network, it goes on & on day in & out a spectacle of bias that needs to be seen to be believed. Now Rachel Maddow of Air America the failed radio talk liberal network has made the descent into partisan sludge complete with her very own show at MSNBC – Just what they needed, a little balance lol.

Matthews & Olberman running the circus show

Olberman gets caught on open mike and Scarborough reacts ferociously and why not? He sees the network on a one way ticket to flunky ville, when he attempts to file even a single balanced report on Live TV from the convention,  Reichsfuhrer Olberman shoots his mouth off like the clown he is.. Even Matthews is feeling a tingle in his leg when this one ends, the tingle of embarrassment no doubt as to what his network & job have become. The laughing stock of the broadcast / media world. Even Puke Buchanan can’t bring them back from the brink, despite being I suspect a licensed exorcist or involved overall, in some form of demonic works lol

For all the olby action check olbermanwatch, if you can stomach it.
H/T Terryann for the video