Video: Our Evangelical friend Huckabee, in Israel

Governor outlines strong vision for Israeli ally

Huckabee, has been gracing the holy land with a visit and IBA (Israel’s public broadcaster) sat down for a quick interview with the former presidential candidate who took Iowa in the primaries, besting the field in the opening round.

IBA Interview via JPOST

I did some extensive reading about Governor Huckabee at the time, I thought he had little chance at the Presidency, but perhaps a good shot at the Vice Presidency. Beyond being an Evangelical which can be problematic in the US electoral system as a whole, Huckabee’s main chasm I think was foreign policy based as he lacks a deep record or involvement. So this interview is of interest, because Huck outlines some of his own views and visions for Peace in the Middle East, a strong vibrant Israel, and the Republican nominee McCain to boot. Filling in some of the lesser known blanks for perhaps a second go in 2012..

Much of his initial policy positions were released in a large FP Magazine article last december.
Hope you have had a great stay Governor! (Incidentally, this is not Mike’s 1st visit)