Dayan: Newest Likud pickup blasts Syria dialog

One of the top ‘Free Agents’ this season for Knesset election lists, Uzi Dayan has teamed up with Likud

He’s got serious national security credentials and a clean air about him so far regarding corruption, which is why the leader of a small social group called Tafnit with no real Knesset success was courted by Bibi to bring some fresh excitement to the Likud.

The former General has outlined his views on the Syrian track in an op-ed for JPOST, which speaks loudly to the consensus view of the public which is not enamored with Syria as a peace partner by any means.  Dayan blasts the dialog as incomprehensible, and briefly outlines where this dialog has weakened the resolve against Syria and resulted in dangerous regional, national security issue collapses as a result.
(Hezbollah, Lebanon, Iraq, Iran, etc.)