Dear Lebanon: You Are Cruising For An IDF Bruising

Have the Lebanese Totally Lost Their Minds? I Only Ask Because We Ourselves Have That ‘Crazy’ Look in Our Eyes..

After the 2006 Lebanon War, I was fairly convinced that the Olmert / Livni / Peretz duo was the ultimate culmination of weakness as we truly hit all new pinnacles of useless in that endeavour, dropping humanitarian inspired fliers on Lebanon for weeks at a time, warning people we would be coming like a bat out of hell only to never show up.. Invading a few metres here or there, dropping ‘big bombs’ left right & center like a fat guy with a fresh bowl of chili and nowhere to go..

This was truly something else, many Israelis still haven’t absorbed it all - We put the hurt on Hezbollah that’s for certain, they were yelling ‘cease fire!!’ even a few days in. But the UN Resolution before actually coming to any resolution, the US / French led diplomacy, the near total collapse of our PR & Foreign Ministry effort, the UNIFIL slap job, the faux massacres and Arab narrative which dominated the TV screens, and oy.. The 2 year long wait for two boxes containing the mutilated remains of our 2 soldiers in exchange for Samir Kuntar. It boggles the mind.

Not Even King For A Day..

Lebanon's Failed PM Siniora I would have expected a true adversary to drive home the advantage, squeeze us when we were down on the mat. If Siniora was even half a man with half a brain he would have come out of that like a rock star – Bigger than Obama! Imagine how he could have shafted Hezbollah & Israel at the same time if he had even done the bare minimum. A Speech at the UN demanding peace, demanding Hezbollah disarm, demanding Israel pay for all that ‘aggression’ he accused us of by insisting on neutering us through diplomacy.. The world would have gone bonkos, they would have thrown flowers at his feet! Like magic Rice the sucker would have moved mountains, the French would have folded in like the Vichy Government itself, Syria battered at the time would have walked away like a wounded dog. In Israel he would have galvanized the left and strapped the entire center with them, our media would be running features on his boundless vision! What a leader, if only we had leaders like that they would have said.. Hezbollah itself wouldn’t have stood a chance in the face of the world leader Siniora, nothing gets the Euro trash giddier than forcing Peace with the terrorists, they eat that stuff up.

What would it have cost him? Two boxes with the mutilated remains of our soldiers in it, and he would have been King! He could have seized the rug right out from under Hezbollah who were far from popular despite what CNN might say, he could have raised literally 50 BILLION dollars for Lebanon overnight, enough to buy his vision if needed and it wouldn’t be. The Americans would have airlifted heavy weaponry in to Lebanon that’s how hot Rice and the State Dept. were for Siniora. But Sun Tzu he ain’t. One look at how things have rolled is evidence enough of that, because not only is he not King, he’s not even the court Jester – More like the Hezbollah Page.

In our weakest moment, who would have thought the Lebanese come bearing gifts!?

Truth is Siniora is a wimp, he’s like one of those unnaturally bred chiwawas, more mouse than dog. The March 14th Cedar Revolutionaries? Nothing more than a bunch of Arabs with a fancy Wikipedia entry, push comes to shove they fold like a wet napkin. Talk about failure and they know it, which is why you don’t hear so much as peep from them. When even their ‘great victories’ are failures, I wonder if the Lebanese have truly lost their minds?

Hezbollah's leader lives in a bunker 24/7 fearing for his life The reason being they gave us a great gift. We ourselves needed a wake up call. Thank Gd it came BEFORE we take on the Hamas, before we take on Iran, and before we finally go back & kick the living daylights out the Lebanese. We’ve done it before, we chased the PLO all the way to Tunis.. That’s another CONTINENT and thanks to Siniora & CO. you can damn well bet we’re going to do it again, this time Hezbollah is going to take it right between the eyes.. Just like Mugniyeh has, just like Suleiman did last week, oh yes they are dropping like flies the Hezbollah playmakers. We’re killing them off, and Nassrallah knows that silly headpiece he wears doesn’t make for very effective camouflage, He’s a Shiite walking death row and his pal Kuntar is not far behind.

Confidence Building Measures

It’s not as if we told the Hezbollah we’d be killing them like this, ok.. So maybe we did, you got me there. It’s not as if we told them not to smuggle any more missiles, and all of a sudden Hezbollah convoys are exploding in Tehran, ok so maybe they are. But, it’s not as if Syria is trying to retake Lebanon and we shot the Chief Syrian Hezbollah Liaison in the head in broad daylight, at the ‘Russian’ port of Tartus yet – Nice touch.

It’s ‘all good’, we’re in ‘dialog’ with the Syrians.. This is how we negotiate peace. We blow up reactors, invade airspace & snap pictures, take out convoys, knock off leaders and obstacles – In the Middle East this is what we call ‘confidence building measures’..

They’re just not the confidence building measures Rice & the PLO like to talk about in roadmaps, more like building up confidence to fly across the middle east and take out Iran’s nuclear program. Now that Hezbollah is a full member of the Lebanese parliament with veto powers yet, now that their government has affirmed Hezbollah’s right for violent resistance, now that the Lebanese have voted not to disarm Hezbollah but to encourage them, this time it’s not a terrorist organization, it’s a full blown terror supporting state - So I’m feeling pretty confident myself..

‘Dear Lebanon, You Are Cruising For A Serious IDF Brusing’.