O-Barf-Arama: Americans being fed too much Aragula

Someone Pass the Antacid

Fresh off the pew comes the news that isn’t all that fresh.. Unless you’ve been living in a Waziri cave with Bin Laden that is.. The media deluge, endless positive press, and fawning adoration from Skokie IL all the way to Berlin, has had the same effect on Americans that one might experience after throwing down 7 pounds of Turkey on Thanksgiving – Someone pass the barf bag please.

After dropping over 9 points nationally this past week, the media has been hanging on every Obama word and it is causing an overload leading to the inevitable O-Barf-Arama! The polls show most people are finding McCain’s ads negative, yet McCain is being seen in a positive? Hmm.. Seems it is ok to go somewhat negative on a topic making Americans want to barf, who knew!? :))

memeorandum has more, and Allahpundit chases with some antacid in the form of a new smash the evil tax & spend Liberal Mc-ad!

I was barfing back in February, which makes me an early barfer! It is surprising, I’m usually pretty good at holding down my whisky.. It’s the aragula that gets me every time though.