Newsweek: Ode to A Poor Arab Terrorist

In typical fashion, Newsweek puts up pity photos, tells life stories, never even names Jewish victims.

It’s the same old Newsweek story,  starts off with how Israel has created a new threat by building a barrier to defend against the older threat. Of course this is Israel’s fault, the poor Arabs are never to blame.. Heaven’s forbid. But this is not about barriers, that’s the cover for an unabashed sympathy play. Poor arab boy grows up, poor arab boy dreams of a better life, poor arab boy does drugs & crime, poor arab boy meets a nice arab girl, poor arab boy fathers many children, poor arab boy does yet more drugs, poor arab boy uses a multi-ton piece of construction equipment to murder Israeli Jews..

I’m torn with sympathy by this Newsweek article lamenting the poor terrible status of Jerusalem’s Arabs - Forced to do demeaning things like have gainful employment and work for Jews, freedom to move about, access to holy places.. Oh the horrors of it all.

Poor little Arab boy 1st meets nice Jewish girl, fathers a child, does drugs, beats her up.. This is explained away by newsweek as sometimes he got jealous, it’s all perfectly acceptable, what’s wrong here is the oppression by the Jews. The poor Arab boy is 200,000 dollars in debt, not because he’s a criminal wife beater drug addict, but because the Jews have imposed fines on him for building a home without permits, yet ANOTHER illegal act all blithely explained away by poor Arab boy sympathy, forget all his sordid history this man is also a mass murderer. 

He dropped out of school after eighth grade and eventually met a young Israeli woman who worked at the same restaurant. The young man experimented with drugs and fathered a child with her. When he got jealous, sometimes he hit her. She finally had him arrested, and he did time in an Israeli prison. [...]

Jamilla Dweiat, Hussam’s widow, can’t understand why Israel would punish her and her sons by tearing down their house. She worries about it daily and, to pass the quiet evenings, occasionally tunes in to “Noor,” that Turkish soap opera. But the good life now seems so unattainable that she finds herself weeping as she watches. During her interview with NEWSWEEK, a team of stolid Israeli officials arrived at her house and walked around—taking measurements for the demolition, she assumed. As the men strode through the halls, Jamilla bit her lip and hugged her belly. The day her husband killed and died, she learned she was pregnant again.

He ‘experimented’ with drugs, when you do drugs your whole life as his own father attested to in Israeli media, you are not experimenting, you are a drug addict. When you engage in criminal activities your whole life as his neighbors attested to in Israeli media you are criminal, not someone who ‘experiments’ with crime. When you murder Israelis with construction equipment to sow terror you are a terrorist and a murderer and your house gets torn down, period. This little turd who fathers children, takes no responsibility, is a waste of a life is given the full sympathy play.. Complete with artsy black & white photos for effect. This is not Journalism, it’s art after all.

Well, I have no sympathy.. My sympathy are for the Jews he murdered, they didn’t get any pictures in Newsweek, the orphaned child – His Jewish mother crushed to death while her last act was saving her baby gets no mention in the Newsweek. The Left’s obsession with the noble Arab savage, the endless sympathy, apology for wretched refuse, it’s the same old story. I have news for Jerusalem’s ‘poor’ Arabs, they better smarten up right quick. Israeli blue citizenship cards are a privilege not a sympathy play. Here today, gone tomorrow – Just like this drug addict convict and later terrorist’s illegally built house.

  • Swinehound

    Newsweek is a despicable rag.  How long can a people actually be “refugees” anyway.  palestinians and most arabs constantly play the victim [spits on ground] at any hint of truth that shows their shortcomings and it is tiring.  The fact that those in the USA and elsewhere side with these murders, rapists and wife beating child abusers truly shows the complete lack of morality and decency in the mind of the liberal left.

    Keep up the fight, there are more that are with you than not… we just don’t get the exposure in the liberal MSM.

  • Yeah, Newsweek has become something else.. Sad to say there’s no shortage of high profile leftist Jews there. I feel sorry for them, they’ve turned themselves into clowns at the altar of liberalism.