Jerusalem 4Sale Under Livni: PA declares Mofaz would be another Nakba!

Mofaz declares Jerusalem United; PA Endorses Livni..

Jerusalem UnitedI’ve been hammering Livni like a jackhammer, but it only takes a few words from Saeb Erekat to REALLY do some damage. Whomever the Palestinians endorse, you can slot my vote in the exact OPPOSITE column. That probably goes for the other 70% of Israelis or so polled who have declared they will never accept giving up on Jerusalem.

Haaretz who have been spinning for Livni like dervishes actually report this like it is some sort of badge of honor to be the preferred candidate of the PA!?

A victory by Transportation Minister Shaul Mofaz in next month’s Kadima Party leadership race would be a disaster for the peace process, senior Palestinian Authority officials say. The officials said that an American-Palestinian plan for the continuation of the process is contingent on Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni winning the primary. A Mofaz victory, in contrast, would send the talks into a deep freeze, given his hawkish views.
Mofaz told his first formal campaign rally Tuesday that as prime minister, he would “preserve united Jerusalem as Israel’s eternal capital.”  To that, a senior PA official responded: “God have mercy” on the final status talks if Mofaz wins the primary. [...]

Everything is a great Nakba for the Palestinians, funny I didn’t hear them declare it disastrous every time their own militants attack Israel, was it also a great Nakba when Hamas seized Gaza? How about when the Qassams are fired, non of these things threaten the peace process it seems.. Only Mofaz lol. On another note, Meir Sheetrit a third more distant candidate vying for the Kadima mantle yesterday told his supporters that Israelis were sick and tired of candidates who had to ‘learn on the job’ - blasting Livni.. What a guy, he must read the Hashmonean too ;)