Divine Comedy: ‘Re-Inventing’ Livni

Livni’s Big Makeover

Livni comically tried to have herself sold as the ‘Heir of Sharon’ in Israeli media this past week, an assertion that is laughable.

She insinuated a few months ago through leaks that she was a ‘super spy for the Mossad’ in her youth, and has hired the biggest media sharks & manipulators in Israel to helm her campaigns for her – We start to see that on top of her short record of failure in government, The Left’s Golden Girl is relying almost totally on superficial nonsense (being a woman), bought and paid for media which carries her mudslinging, and trumped up bogus credentials in order to appear competent enough to lead Israel.

Good luck with that I say.

Super Spy was an apartment squatter;  left Mossad before completing even her initial training.

It seems Livni does indeed have commitment problems, leading me to question her commitment to leading the State of Israel. Close friends a few months ago leaked ‘hush hush’ rumors of her having been a ‘big time’ spy in the Mossad when she was young. This was done to give some oompf to her non-existent security credentials. Unfortunately, Israel’s public broadcaster Channel 1 investigated and found that Livni was far from a super spy. In actuality she was sent for a few months to Paris to watch over and pay the bills for a vacant apartment held by the Mossad, one of dozens held as a contingency in far off places that need occasional care takers. In reality Channel 1 revealed, Livni did not do much at all, could not even be bothered to finish her field agent course / training before leaving the Mossad. So much for Jane Bond.

Sharon’s personal heir

Her media handlers most recent assertion is even more enjoyable. They claimed she was ‘privy’ to General Sharon’s plans, his hand picked heir. Conveniently our most beloved war figure and recent Prime Minister (the only man to win back to back elections in Israeli history) is sadly in a coma, unable to tell us his views. Too bad for Livni though that history is not so convenient. If anything, Mofaz – Former Defense Minister hand picked by Sharon, former IDF Chief of Staff hand picked by Sharon, and now Kadima member himself, the only former Likud party member actually asked publicly, and hand chosen by Sharon again to join his new Kadima party at the time, is Livni’s rival for party leadership.

One might find it comical that Livni thinks she can dump history on its very head and sell us this schlock, if these matters were not so important to the state and did not involve our possible next Prime Minister that is! If anyone was privy to Sharon’s plans, it was his hand picked right hand man Mofaz. If anyone was envisioned to defend the State of Israel as Sharon himself was infamous for, it would be Shaul Mofaz. The only time Olmert was even somewhat tolerable was during his care taker role before being elected, it was a much harder line.. Guess who was the Defense Minister? I’ll give out a hint – It wasn’t Livni.

Swing.. and a miss

The left keeps trying to paint Mofaz as stupid, Lisa Goldman wrote this weekend he was ‘humorless and compassionless’ whatever that means.. & lacking experience! We aren’t choosing Jay Leno’s successor here, we are in the midst of preparing for possible wars on 3 separate fronts, Gaza, Lebanon, & Iran, maybe even Syria too. Goldman assures me in her piece that Livni is full of integrity. But judging by the smears on Mofaz around the media, a guy who rose to the pinnacle of defense in Israel, despite being Iranian and rampant racism, not once as IDF Chief of Staff, but twice as a Defense Minister too, despite ‘failing the officers exam’ as Goldman put it.. Makes Livni seem far from clean. It makes her stink of B.O.

Mofaz literally crushed the 2nd intifada and wrote the modern book on defeating terrorism now employed the world over. He is the chief liaison for Washington on security matters, his ‘lacking experience’ is sought the world over by every single country grappling with terror & asymmetric warfare. They beat down our doors to speak to our useful idiots it seems. :roll:

A quick look at Livni’s two years as FM show a record of complete incompetence

  • Livni seems wholly responsible for failing to represent Israel’s interests effectively in the recent Lebanon war, where she literally disappeared from the world scene for nearly a month to sulk because she’s a lefty and is opposed to conflict. When you are the Foreign Minister, your duty is to present Israel’s case, regardless how you feel. Not run and hide.
  • Failing to retrieve our missing soldiers where internationally no pressure existed, or exists whatsoever. We got two back in pieces after making the worst deal in Israeli history, while Shalit is still in Gaza – I guess Livni is working out options.. I look forward to finally hearing them 2+ years later.
  • Failure to get a favorable UN Resolution passed as a ceasefire in Lebanon, despite personally handling the negotiations with her buddy Sec. Rice, despite us fighting against recognized terrorists! Terrorists who have now fully rearmed and made Livni look like a buffoon, Dr. Rice included. The number one clause of that resolution? The UNCONDITIONAL return of Israel’s snatched soldiers. That worked out well, nice job Tzipi. Not a single clause of resolution 1701 has been implemented incidentally. Israel, Livni included is in fact in massive alarm at her own failure, closed government sessions were held all week examining the rise of Hezbollah, now fully in control of Lebanon.. More sessions are tabled – All behind firmly closed doors because the details of the failure are so grave, and the concerns so very very real..
  • Failure to rally the world in any meaningful way whatsoever regarding an existential threat to Israel from Iran, with nearly everyone now conceding we are on our own to deal with this world threat. That’s effective foreign ministry work right there if I’ve ever seen it. Livni has not succeeded in elevating this core Israeli interest to any government anywhere, despite this being the official Foreign Ministry strategy for a number of years??
  • Dare I mention the Hamas, and their little terror state, the lack of world sympathy despite THOUSANDS of rockets pounding our populace in the south? The seeming inability to explain Israel’s position, the endless lies regarding trumped up humanitarian crises? Who’s job is it to sell Israel’s message!? Give Israel some breathing room..

These are the domain of the Foreign Minister, that minister’s bread & butter but Livni’s plate is empty. These massive failures with nary a single success in sight, including now the chief negotiator with the Palestinians producing diddly squat, only secret concessions.. Make me wonder honestly what people think they are selling us here? Compare this to recently retired superstar Dan Gillerman at the UN and it is like comparing a Rolls to a Lada.

Facing a freight train

Forget Mofaz, how on earth is this lightweight Livni supposed to take on Bibi himself? The most shrewd, effective, eloquent, political operator in the history of Israel BAR NONE! He makes Livni look like a chicken wing, a light snack.

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