GoldenGirl: Livni refuses to commit to Kadima DESPITE running for Party leadership

Will she also refuse to commit to Israel, if running for Prime Minister?

Your free pass here just ended my dear.The left media in Israel is still going gaga trying to prop up their golden girl, but she dealt them another blow further revealing some of the character we can expect from her should she succeed in fooling us here the way our most reviled Prime Minister yet, Mr Olmert did. Speaker of the House, Kadima minister Dahlia Itzik proposed a Kadima internal measure calling for all party members to commit to the young party whether or not they win title of party leader. The party is crumbling somewhat and this was seen as a unity play, the fear being that Kadima members who all hail from other parties may choose to bolt at any time with elections possibly on the horizon, and the stink of Olmert still clinging to them all.. Livni’s pals have swiftly killed the proposal lest Princess Livni be inconvenienced one imagines.

Test of character

Livni & Mofaz are the two front runners and most high profile Kadima members vying for leadership, one supports remaining in Kadima regardless of what the near term holds, and the other apparently cannot make that sort of commitment, despite running for the PARTY LEADERSHIP!! According to Livni, should she lose (me, me, me) she will not be “Kadima Wallpaper”, one can only surmise that she is a self serving wench. To claim to want to LEAD the party, but be unable to make even the smallest commitment to it is a new low even for the sludge we call politicians here in Israel.

HAARETZ: Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni will not be required to declare that she would not split from Kadima if she loses the leadership in the party primaries, Kadima MKs decided on Monday.

During their first meeting since Prime Minister Ehud Olmert announced his intention to resign after the party primaries in September, Kadima faction members voted against a proposal, submitted by Knesset Speaker Dalia Itzik and Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee chairman Tzachi Hanegbi, to require all candidates to declare their unconditional loyalty to the party.

Also on Sunday, Channel 10 quoted a Kadima official as saying that Livni had told him she does not intend to be the “party wallpaper.” Livni had also allegedly said earlier that she would not throw her weight behind her leadership rival Shaul Mofaz if he leads the party in the oncoming elections. Public Security Minister Avi Dichter, also a leadership contender, spoke during the meeting in favor of the motion. “Kadima is our home. One should not turn one’s back on it,” he said [...]

‘Bird of Play’

This speaks volumes. Do you know where she will bolt if she loses? To Labor! From Likud, to Kadima, to Labor in 2 years and change, more character for ya! Thanks but no thanks, we don’t need any more self serving leaders, we’re looking for Heroes now, Hawks. You may have the talons my dear, but you cannot fly – You are more like an Ostrich. I’m just getting started, there’s a long election season coming and the first of many Livni blasts is the next post.

Link Update: Jpost – FM: I’ll leave Kadima if I lose primary
Can you believe this woman wants to be the leader of the State of Israel!? I thought I’d seen it all in Israeli politics..