GoldenGirl Livni: Haaretz Makes a Mockery of Itself, Shills Like Never Before

Less than 24 hours ago I wrote of the sheer desperation on the left..

Media desperate to sell Livni, but the public is not buying. The desperation is in the air, you can smell it at Haaretz & Yediot. The left is in crisis..

Today, lo & behold the proof is in the eating of the pudding, Haaretz makes a real mockery of itself, shilling like never before in a manner that would make US media & Obama proud, it is so ludicrous in fact I find it embarrassing to have the proof a mere 24 hours later. Shocking really. This poll was SPECIALLY COMMISSIONED according to Haaretz, you don’t say?

Haaretz Poll: Kadima led by Livni would edge out Likud
By Yossi Verter, Haaretz Correspondent

Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni would lead Kadima to victory over Likud if elections were held today, according to a special poll conducted by Dialog on Thursday on behalf of Haaretz. The results of the poll are expected to have a dramatic effect on Livni’s standing inside Kadima and on her race with Transportation Minister Shaul Mofaz for the party’s leadership.

For all the bitter struggle between Livni and Mofaz, yesterday’s poll, conducted a day after Prime Minister Ehud Olmert announced that he would not seek reelection as Kadima’s leader, shows that the foreign minister is the only politician who currently has enough public support to defeat Likud Chairman Benjamin Netanyahu.

The poll of 503 Israelis, which has a margin of error of 4.1 percent, showed that in national elections, Kadima headed by Livni would win 26 seats in the Knesset, compared to 25 for Likud under Netanyahu.

Netanyahu has consistently led in the polls for the past two years, but yesterday’s survey seems to indicate that the political arena is changing [...]

Unreal, media bought & paid for, a ‘special poll’ for a special lady, one which tosses TWO YEARS of polling in the trash. Oy, what a joke this country has become. To get the full effect, visit my in depth post on this from yesterday. Blatant manipulation like this by a leading Press outlet, it is beyond belief.

As Predicted, Yediot weighs in.. Mirroring The Haaretz shill position 

As stated yesterday, the second left wing partner in crime has now weighed in, Yediot! Same margin of error, same sample number and lo and behold once again Livni wins by a landslide!!! Not only does she win, but the article contains a near word for word endorsement of Livni, as the clear obvious choice over her tied rival Mofaz,  just as the Haaretz poll..

[...] According to the poll, Kadima under Livni wins 32 Knesset seats while the Likud straggles behind with 27. But the same Kadima under Mofaz would only win 22 seats to the Likud’s 28. Kadima currently has 29 seats, Likud has 12 and Labor has 19.

The massive 10-seat discrepancy may push Kadima party officials currently inclined towards Livni to publically declare their, as of now still muted, support for her. The polling figures may also sway the party’s swing voters and field operatives, who have a larger personal affinity towards Mofaz. But despite the warm ties with the transportation minister, Kadima’s key party operatives, keen to retain the premiership in Olmert’s wake, may shift to Livni’s camp. [...]

It is unbelievable, with Livni & Mofaz tied in the most recent polling.. As predicted both Haaretz & Yediot 24 hours later have both come out with custom polls, using the same 500 person sample, with identical margins for error (4.5), both designed to do one thing, propel Kadima internal party members to ditch Mofaz and choose Livni because ONLY SHE the GoldenGirl can win an election against the Likud, despite dozens of polls to the contrary showing huge Likud leads, despite the polling all week showing Livni & Mofaz tied for the leadership race, unreal.

In this Yediot poll / article penned by well known Kadima shill Attila Somfalvi, Livni actually captures 32+ seats!! Not only that, according to Attila The Likud, Labor, Meretz, and Israel Beitenu.. Everyone from the most left to the most right need to FEAR Livni, because she takes seats from ALL OF THEM!! She is like Obama, the Messiah come again. To put all this in perspective, Haaretz & Yediot in the previous election for weeks were putting out polls showing Olmert winning 42, 43, 44, 46+ KNESSET SEATS! Actual result? 29 seats.

The moral is clear, it was forecasted to come. The Left will do anything to keep the left wing GoldenGirl Livni in power, despite her near zero national leadership experience, and her zero military experience. 1st stop.. Convince Kadima primary voters that Mofaz is a bygone, disregard their tied position because Livni can deliver the entire Knesset by herself. I also have land in Lousiana to sell you, and a number of bridges in excellent shape.. Some may be in need of slight repair, but trust me everyone I polled loved them.

Note: If this is how the left is going to comport itself, in the main stream media yet.. I’ll be highlighting Livni’s incompetence and unsuitability to lead Israel with gusto now. Mofaz is going to look like a beauty queen when I got done with him.

Bring on the Golden Girl.. I double dare you. 

IF Livni is so assured of these massive victories, surely she should come this September call for FULL ELECTIONS in Israel! She has an easy win coming clearly (sarc) so why not secure even more seats than Omert did? Secure herself a mandate and actually be ELECTED to the seat of power in Israel, as opposed to being coronated by Haaretz & Yediot. Last time I checked you have to run for office to actually win.