Over the top: Obama referenced over 15 times at the Memeo

I’ve been on Obama’s case here & there and its because I’m grated to no end how this guy of little substance is being literally propelled at the White House, how much of a role does media play? The biggest role of all, it has become obscene already and we are still months from the actual general election.

At one of my favorite sites Memeorandum, over 15 of the highlighted articles / posts reference Obama either by name, or in substance at this time in the headlines alone! Total media domination, that’s with a Clinton story leading off with the big quarter at the top.

Over at Haaretz, Chief US correspondent Rosner has been on an Obama tear, 1st showering us with defense of Obama’s credentials - Over worries Obama’s foreign policy is not rosy for Israel (and it isn’t btw), then forced to defend the original defense itself when Brezinski was a no show to Israel after tanning in Syria. At least he sets the record straight, but if Obama is dominating Israeli media of all places, and I’ve seen no shortage of Obama defense articles at Jpost too, then how can he possibly lose? For all this talk of change, it seems like nothing has changed and media & the pundits have too much power setting the agenda and clearly the agenda is Obama, all the time. I’m drowning in Obama already.. and I’m not even an American citizen!

Please, I’m begging – No more, I swear I’ll drink drano if need be just please stop stuffing Obama down my throat all day everyday everywhere.. I’m gagging over here. If the media is using this much ink to defend Obama now, when no one has really even started attacking him the way he will be in a general contest.. Can one just imagine the insanity that will be coming? Media will be trampling over themselves & breaking limbs in order to be first in a never ending line to defend Obama. I don’t think I can handle it, let alone 4 years of a disastrous Presidency worth of this glorified car salesman.

  • neil

    It is uncanny how pervasive this phenomenon you describe in your post is.   Association and repetition work.

    Take the term "global warming" for instance, how many times have you heard it referenced in the media?  Fact:  the earth's climate over the last hundred and fifty years has gotten hotter.  Theory:  man is the cause of this warming phenomenon.  There are scientists who believe in this theory and other scientists who don't.  The media however is carrying on associating and repeating this theory as if it is already proven.  The scary effect this has is that media-consumers will now associate global warming with man-made carbon emissions when in fact no scientist can say definitively why the earth is getting hotter. 

    Joseph Goebbels – the Nazi propagandist - also used this same association technique by repeatedly interspersing imagery of Jews and rats.  May of the consumers of his propaganda came to recognize Jews to be sub-human vermin as a result.

    While I personally think the Bush II presidency was a disaster, and on this point we may disagree, I share your disgust with the blatant manipulative techniques that are used to promote the media's agenda.

  • You'd certainly have plenty of ammo in a debate regarding W Bush, on the matter at hand what is curious to me is that clearly in the US Democratic camp there's a sizeable portion of population that supports another candidate, now about 40+ % for hillary, and before about 15% for John Edwards..

    These events & media's role are fairly clear – Yet other than the occasional 'the media is soft on Obama' I have not heard much in the way of alarm, protest, or even debate at the way this guy has been annointed. Going forward for partisans sake there won't be much voiceferous opposition from democrats for obvious reasons, but I'm left lacking in my esteem for moderate democrats, libertarians and to a somewhat lesser extent republicans & conservatives over what is clearly an automated carwash with the full package – 'rust protection, wax job, deluxe sheen, wheel cleaner' etc..

    Yesterday I heard Obama promise to end taxation of seniors, provide national healthcare, give every child the 'finest education possible', promise tax cuts, end involvement with Iraq, promise that if you worked at all in America you would not be poor, handle global warming, create a new America, end the Chinese juggernaut while returning every job to America and changing the whole world – I left plenty out. All this from a guy who's done squat until now but fancies speaking like a black preacher (from Hawaii & illinois yet, hardly the deep south) at the end of every sentence to absorb  the gospel of raucas applause.

    This is proposterous on every level, yet a multi billion dollar machine employing tens of thousands of people, with companies & outfits based around the world with every conceivable view – this mass of media nary has a word to say about it, and neither do many of its constituents. Have people become so shallow, ill informed & dumb that they can be so easily swept up into a cult like trance over something as important as the Presidency of the United States, it's frightening. It must be politcal correctness gone mad,  fear of being pinned a racist by questioning Obama, that's the only rational explanation I have personally.

    btw thanks for the stimulating comment Neil
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