Newsweek Magazine: Keeping Obama’s Bullcrap real!

Obama’s wife is his rock and the latest adoration nation victim with 7 full pages worth at Newsweek! Get it while it is still fresh from the bull!

After listening to Obama orate endlessly I didn’t think it was humanely possible to cram so much bullsh*t into so much space, but Newsweek keeps the dream alive with a steaming pile stacked up high & fresh.

“She’s the one who keeps him real, the one who makes sure running for leader of the free world doesn’t go to his head.”

Why should it go to his head? He’s laughing all the way home.. It’s gone to everyone else’s head! These days the magazine has swung soo far left I’m wondering if they expect an official position in the Obama White House, you know like Mao’s little red book publisher or something but available on your PDA too! The only thing missing from this article is the little ‘Paid for by the Obama campaign’ sticker & the ‘I approve this message’ blurb.

At the top a photo caption - “A Particular Mission: Michelle is not part of discussions on policy and ad buys; her role is to keep the candidate’s feet on the ground” <– Telling, Barack’s policies are ‘removed from reality’ & not very grounded, kinda like this high flying article / puff peace. Wow you Americans are killing me already with this stinker fest, someone please tell me that in the general - All this bull is going to finally get blown out of the sky like a slow flying Zero in the Marianas.. It’s nauseating from here already and I’m a full continent away.