Shake Rattle & Roll: 5.3 on the Richter

The security situation is not the only seismic action going on

They keep going up, the Richter scales that is. Today another rattler shook Israel, this time the epicentre was in Lebanon but we felt it across Israel around noon. There was another quake in Greece this week, and another in Iran as well. I’ve counted at least 5 or 6 shakers in as many months here in the holy land, most of them have been in the 4 range but there’s no getting around the fact that a monster is brewing..

My apartment building on stilts sways ominously during these rattlers, Israel is of course situated on a fairly substantial fault where two continental plates meet and historically there have been some devastating shakers here as evidenced by archaeological work, which has shown earlier city ending quakes occurring every hundred years going back to the biblical age.. At least we don’t have mud hut construction these days :)

The Knesset has been playing footsie with the notion & need to buttress many of the in danger older stone buildings in the state, most built during the 50s which will face serious damage with a 6+ quake centered in the country, but there’s not much money for natural disasters. What can you do, other than ride it out..

I want to get HD directly into my brain 

This latest rattler however has prompted me to finally consider attaching the rear brace for my LCD TV which helps secure the standing beast to the wall. If that thing fell over I would be rather upset, not that I have any use for cable mind you – I pipe everything into the screen off the net including c-span, fox news, sky news, & the local news. Pretty soon I think I’ll just attach an old pair of those TV rabbit ears to my head and be done with it, if you see a guy walking around Tel-Aviv with a big TV antenna attached to his head that will be me, stop by & say hi but I might be busy at the time watching Brit Hume so clearly I’ll need to strap a Tivo to my thigh and maybe consider installing a remote to one of my nipples. Take a step to the left please, you’re screwing up my reception!

I’d pipe in BBC or CNN too, but then I’d need to also carry a barf bag around with me..