Dear Naysayers: We got Imad, and this is just the beginning

I’m struck by some of the naysayers & experts questioning if Imad was targeted by the Mossad. Some truly fanciful suggestions have arisen including the absurd notions that Iran or Syria killed Mugniyeh because he ‘outlived his usefulness’.

Wow, that’s some concise expertise when one considers the fact that Imad was the linchpin of terror – The key figure tying together Iranian sponsored Islamic Jihad across the world. The go between for Iran, Syria, Al Qaeda, Hezbollah, & associated Palestinian terror groups.


Even more amusing the notion that Syria killed him in order to show how ready they are to cooperate with America – Sure that’s exactly what happened, let’s just disregard reality in Lebanon entirely for a moment in order to further the infamous Iraq Study Group point of view, you know the one where Syria & Iran are not the enemy and where milk & cookies will make everything be all right! After all, it’s not as if those countries are sanctioned, or blowing up pro democracy leaders in Lebanon nearly weekly now..

Back to reality -  the factors at play

  • After the stalled second Lebanon war, here in Israel we pretty much openly vowed to kill Hezbollah’s leaders one by one at the time of our choosing. This is not the 1st time we have hunted after declared targets incidentally, we liquidated anyone associated with the Munich Olympics massacre one by one around the world. We’ve targeted Palestinian terrorists for decades dropping out of choppers, sailing up in dingies, strolling around in wigs, planting tiny bombs in cell phones, what else do we have to do to earn a little respect!? Sheesh lol
  • Israel recently declared in not so many words that the gloves are off towards Iran, in light of the American NIE and the clarity forming regarding the fact that the world is not going to properly contain the Iranian weapons drive. Sending scary messages like knocking off the world’s most coveted international Hezbollah terrorist is exactly what a covert war looks like. You start a bombing war as a last resort one hopes, before then you play dirty by planting little bombs in big SUVs.
  • Israel is flush with its brand new most advanced spy satellite in the sky which is performing spectacularly this month. This won’t be the last Mitsubishi we watch tooling around the Middle East thank you very much.
  • In the last few short months we’ve kidnapped one of Gilad Shalit’s abductors, knocked off a nuclear program in Syria, and then one is surprised we took out Mugniyeh!? Buckle up – because Hezbollah & Iran declared their intentions to destroy us & are developing the weapons to do so. We’re just getting started.
  • Someone has to pay for the indiscriminate rocketing of our populace in 2006 and they will pay in blood as we don’t take the American Express card. Nasrallah may be hiding in a bunker underneath the Iranian embassy in Beirut, but he’s a dead man and everyone knows it. I look forward to pundits telling everyone he had outlived his usefulness too..
  • The Hamas leadership is in hiding right now as we speak, they must also live in perpetual fear that Syria will kill them. Don’t worry for them, we will protect them when we invade Gazastan..
  • About one quarter of the Palestinian world population is on the take from us, and people are surprised when our investments pay off. These kind of things amaze me as if Iran or Syria, or Lebanon is off limits for us.. Comical when one considers that our army was allied with the Lebanese Christians, and we occupied Beirut long enough to chase the entire PLO to Tunis. Someone out there thinks we can’t pull off getting our hands into Damascus & putting a bomb in an import?!
  • Before resorting to the in itself amazing operation to blow up the Osirak reactor in Iraq, we first killed a chunk or Iraq’s nuclear scientists & experts to try & avoid a full blown military strike, they were also ‘untouchable’.

The Mossad is perhaps the most daring, and capable foreign intelligence agency in the world. It’s not because we are special, it’s because we have no choice. Don’t be surprised when more mysterious things happen going forward as we are truly facing an existential threat, and Iran & the rest of the Global Jihad have been put on notice – No one is safe.

Update Note:

Khaled has no choice.. But to constantly keep moving.Khaled Mashal the leader of Hamas in absentia hiding out in Syria, I wonder how he’s sleeping this week? Not too soundly I’d imagine, one of the mossad’s rare failures was the 1st attempt on liquidating him.. The fallout for that failure included the release from Israeli prison of Sheik Yassin to appease the King of Jordan where Mashaal was located, Yassin being the ‘spiritual’ leader of Hamas.

Of course, when the terror intifada comprising suicide bombers broke out the other long arm of Israel, the IDF wasted little time sending a hellfire missile directly at Yassin’s head swiftly dispatching him to the ‘big virgin pen’ in the sky.

Pundits began chirping immediately how reckless Israel was targeting the leader of Hamas in this manner yada yada, we responded three weeks later by blowing up Mr. Rantissi, the lucky devil who had assumed Yassin’s position. The intifada soon after collapsed. Lesson learned, when it comes to killing terrorists shoot first – worry about pundits later.

  • The Mossad is not perfect. Khaled Meshal is still breathing in Damascus. (That's not to say that I didn't enjoy this very much.) Indications would be that after the Meshal disaster, the Mossad has fixed what was broken.

  • It is always nice to have some good news.