FBI Most Wanted: Arch Terrorist Mugniyeh Blown to Shreds in Blast!!! (updated)

7 days of celebration baby

Less known than Bin Laden but much more lethal. The Hizbullah / Iran master terrorist is apparently dead today. Co-founder of Hizbullah, believed to have invented the suicide truck bomb as a tool of carnage, believed responsible in the planning of the slaughter of US Marines / French troops in Lebanon, hunted for over 20 years internationally as a mastermind of terror, believed to have undergone reconstructive facial surgery to mask his face.. If it’s true it’s a massive blow in the war on Terror! (I only question the authenticity slightly due to the massive efforts of deception Imad was famous for.)

JPOST: Damascus bombing kills Hizbullah No. 2‘Mughniyeh was co-founder of Hizbullah’ ; Israel denies involvement in Mughniyeh assassination

USA Today
Imad search here at the hashmonean.

Glorious news really, there’s just no other way to put it. Kudos to whomever found him & blew him up car bomb style, something he so richly deserved. Man I hope we did it.. But if the Americans got him, that would be sweeeeet too! :)

The side note: Damascus now in the hot seat, knowingly sheltering arch terrorists within its loving embrace. Maybe Pelosi or Obama should jet out there so we can all talk it over and make a few more concessions? “Yes we can!” <– Preferably elect someone who can actually protect freedom as opposed to delivering fancy speeches full of sweet nothings.

Update / Hat Tip:
 Debbie Schlussel via Hotair comments

Obama’s senior foreign policy advisor is INDEED there in Syria already! Oh the irony, what a slap in the face to the foolhardy Obama strategy of “engaging” the Jihad in dialog..

Update II: Fallout – Bush orders expanded sanctions on Syria & Officials (Reuters)

Obstensibly related to Iraq, but the timing smells a heck of a lot like the side note up there and a hearty ‘you bastards had an arch terrorist planning, baseing & operating openly within your borders and now you’re gonna pay, er at least a little bit’. I’m thinking this is only the 1st round of pain Syria will face due to having Imad liquidated in their capital Damascus, hey what I can say other than “you’re either with us or the terrorists.”

  • Yep – I would agree with that.. Thanks for the line.