Chief of Staff: Israel needs to prepare for War

Second call for resolute defense in matter of days..

While Israel’s politicians dither and dally regarding Israel’s defense, the IDF cognizant of endless intelligence estimates of conflict all around is trying to prepare itself & Israel’s public for the inevitable clashes that await us. A few days ago Ashkenazi our head of the IDF mentioned the need to prepare the home-front, warning of the missile wars that are coming in the near future. He was referencing Israel’s endless sea of public & private “miklatim” or bomb shelters which in recent years have been neglected by both the state & its citizenry. Today he’s speaking of the painful casualties & sacrifice that are part and parcel in defending the State of Israel (YNET)

Tel Aviv & Beyond

With rockets striking the Negev areas in the south, Hezbollah missiles causing extensive damage in the North during the 2006 conflict, and foolhardy negotiations to allow terrorist staging areas in the West Bank by propping up a weak paper Abbas govt – the threats will clearly now reach to the very centers of Israel. Both Tel Aviv & Jerusalem are now within range of the masses of rockets our Chief of Staff is now openly warning us will come.

Gaza is an operation which is inevitable, Iran’s rising ambitions in the Levant combined with a nuclear weapons drive spells conflict with a capital ‘C’, Hezbollah has according to our defense estimates now tripled its missile arsenal to levels well beyond its capacities before the 2006 conflict, and worse the missiles are longer ranged & more sophisticated.

Gaza First

Ironic that in the endless merry go round of peace negotiations the term ‘Gaza First’ was a big buzzword utilized by Israel to lay out a road to peace, the peace test was Gaza first.. It failed with the result being Hamastan, now in the war test it will again be Gaza First, and our Chief of Staff has told us so, and to get ready both physically & mentally.