Pounding Israel: 118 Qassam rockets and 62 Mortars from Gaza in 48hrs

Annapolis be damned. Defend the State!

The city of Sderot is being strangled by terrorists, less than 28% of the population remaining is attending school from fear. That’s of what’s left, because mass amounts of the city have simply picked up & moved. This is a travesty, these are not occupied territories for the intl. community to salivate over, there are no excuses – This is an assault on the land of Israel across its borders. How many more red lines will be crossed by the Kadima coalition?

Hamas is upgrading.. Again. (Haaretz)

  • Capable of long term storage of missiles
  • Ashkelon in rocket sights
  • Launching rockets remotely from underground!?

Pull the coalition down now

This is out of control, we cannot have a terrorist state on Israel’s borders acting with impunity like this, it is contrary to every policy, every sacrifice made by the country since its inception 60 years ago. This government is the biggest failure in Israeli history. Defend the State of Israel or resign. That goes for¬†Barack too, that military swagger does not excuse¬†from the task of defending this country, stop vacillating and give the order to assault Gaza or go home.

We don’t need another Peretz Defense Minister, I can’t speak for anyone else but I’m getting tired of these Labor Party Defense Ministers, since their arrival we are indeed always on Defense.. and losing. When Shaul Mofaz was Defense Minister under the Likud the terrorists hid underground, now they build bunkers to fire & hide their rockets underground. That is the Kadima legacy so far, our enemies getting exponentially stronger thriving on our weakness.

  • Levi Strauss

        In the southern Philippines one islamic extremist problem have been neutralized by  following an old addage: a tooth for a tooth, an eye for an eye.
        The southern island of Mindanao, in the Philippines, have a very diverse population of different ethnic groups. But the majority of these are  muslims and christians.
        During the 1960's-70's war in Mindanao there were radical muslim extremists who formed groups fighting for a separate homeland. These groups resorted in many diverse tactics. Some through open war and some through terrorism. They were adept at guerrilla tactics and had a preference for soft targets.
        The usual soft targets were churches, busy crowded markets and packed cinemas in predominantly christian communities. The weapon of choice for those terrorists then was the hand grenade.
        The problem of muslim separatists movements in Mindanao still exists to this day.  But gone are the terrorist tactics of lobbing grenades into crowds in predominantly Christian neighborhoods. How was the latter solved?
        Simple, by following the Bible. Specifically the old testament: a tooth for a tooth, an eye for an eye.
        I see the problem in Israel about the terrorist rockets are akin to what the christians in Mindanao faced in a smaller scale.
         But I see the solution might be the same. The solution for the government during those times (of course there are no legal proof to this) was to allow christian vigilante groups or militias. Supposedly covertly armed and funded by the government for the sole purpose of "a tooth for a tooth, an eye for an eye."
        If a church is bombed, or a market or any crowded  place in the christian area, a curiously similar bombing also happens after a few days in the muslim areas. The government investigates all these incidences but the culprits are usually never caught. The bombings eventualy stopped.
        With the rockets it is so much simpler. If hamas fires one rocket into a village in Israel, why not a group of concerned citizens in Israel do the same?     

  • Levi Strauss

        After having given some deep thought to what I commented earlier it was tantamount to suggesting that Israel should stoop down to what Hamas was doing.  I now retract my statement and I acknowledge that it was wrong of me to have said such things. Innocent Palestinians  should not be made to pay for the crimes of their extremist countrymen. Israel should have the moral high ground.

  • Really, in the end the only effective defense for Israel is for the govt & the military to act in concert in attaining security goals, unfortunately there’s a big political price to be paid in order to really tackle Gaza – I don’t see this govt carrying that out, its prime concern is nurtutring itself which is bad news.