Extended Range: Jericho III Israeli Missile Test

Israel’s big Punch

I spend a lot of time writing about the Iranians & their huge ballistic missile arsenal, but two can play at that game. Israel conducted a successful ballistic missile launch test yesterday from the Palmachim Airbase, believed to be another stage to the Jericho II rocket. The Jerichos are our ‘unconventional capable’ ballistic missiles capable of delivering multiple atomic wallops. To counter the ever growing range threat of our ‘friends’ in the area, Israel has decided to push the Jericho up in range adding more propulsion for an effectively juicy new Jericho III.

IDF successfully launches test of long-range missile (Haaretz)

The Israel Defense Forces carried out a missile test over Jerusalem on Thursday, the Defense Ministry said, raising speculation the launch was part of a program to develop longer-range weapons or improve an anti-missile defense system. Israel Radio said the missile tested was capable of carrying an “unconventional payload” [...]

“A successful missile launch was carried out within the framework of examining rocket propulsion,” the Defense Ministry said in a brief statement.

Prime Minister Ehud Olmert said on Monday that Israel would consider “all options” to prevent Iran from developing nuclear weapons. Israel is believed to have atomic arms and foreign analysts have said for many years that its Jericho I and Jericho II missiles can carry nuclear warheads, but Jerusalem has never confirmed these claims. Israel believes Iran could have a nuclear bomb by 2010. However, the oil-rich country denies seeking nuclear weapons and says it is enriching uranium only for use in generating electricity.

Our Jerichos are capable of reaching Earth orbit, and the Jericho III is believed capable of ranges of over 6500 km & perhaps more..  Effectively tripling the range of our enemies so we can hit them, fly back.. and hit ‘em again in theory on one launch ;)

Numerous Jericho IIs have put up Ofek defense & other satellites directly into space from Israel, on modified extended versions of the missile known as the Shavit. So any time the Iranians feel they want to mess with us we can effectively ‘Shavit’ up their a** real quick.

  • As Israel already has a good handful of nuclear-armed submarines, no one seriously believes Iran would launch a nuclear first strike on Israel.  Iran would get turned into a parking lot in one hour.  Unfortunately, Israel is using its dominance as the only nuclear power in the region to mount a genocide campaign of starvation and attack against its ancient enemy.  This echos the morals of mass murderer Breivik, who killed 77 Muslims in a pre-emptive attack, and Zimmerman, who killed Martin in a pre-emptive attack because he was wearing a hoodie.  It seems perfectly logical when you’re holding the gun:  I imagine that they might kill me, so I will kill them in actuality.  The reality that even Mossad says Iran has NO nukes has nothing to do with the fear that lives in your mind.  Until Israel accepts that it is immoral to assassinate people and start wars by decimating people it imagines might attack it sometime in the future, the madness will continue.