Shilling for Obama: Pinkas does the Democrat dance

Alon Pinkas, former Consul General in Washington is the latest to come to Obama’s defense, seems there’s a rush to defend Obama lately against the obvious tide of ‘not so good for Israel’ that has been washing in. I won’t get into the Pinkas diplospeak which he spreads thick.

Read it at Jpost if you like.

He’s an artful diplomat all the credit to him, even when speaking in defense of policies he didn’t support, his effort & skill were commendable. He liberally makes use of the golden tongue here in the soft sell, but I’m just not buying. Instead, I’ll just put up some controversial stuff to stir the pot and present..

Why might Obama be considered by strong Israel supporters or Israelis, as a less than favorable candidate?

Obama Website
(The title header across the campaign website, I spent a lot of time at the issues / foreign policy area)

  • His Muslim ancestry, for one is a pretty glaring reason. People with the middle name Hussein are generally speaking not big defenders of Israel in our region. Call me superficial, it’s ok I’ll survive - But I’m instantly wary & suspicious. He was jus a boy born to a Muslim father, but you know what the stuff that happened to me when I was ‘just a boy’ played a formative role in my life..
  • His race, shocker but Obama happens to be black – Something you are not allowed to say much any more in PC America. SOooo, let me chase that with some very un-pc Israel by stating that sometimes prominent African Americans and prominent civil rights activists of late seem to have lost the Pro-Israel feel of Martin Luther King himself, and more often than not have absorbed a sense of militancy and all the baggage that usually comes along with that. They blame a lot of crap on Jews, period.
    There was a much uglier side to the civil rights movement that looked to violence & extremism in many forms, and there was & is still a thick hearty vein of anti-Israel and anti-Jewish sentiment in there. Obama is just a black man which is fine by all means, but I’m less comfortable with his deep ties & the efforts to pump up the civil rights aspect of his whole candidacy as opposed to the ‘this is why I’m qualified’ aspect. I’m not so big on the trend until now which has been ‘this is why he should be anointed’ because I suffer little guilt that there hasn’t been a black President yet, nor do I feel the need to roll that way just because the guy’s black either. I guess I’m looking beyond the color of the guy’s skin to a movement he’s being closely associated with that has some troubling aspects to it in race relations with Jews.
  • Church of the Obama – His clergyman & church leader, an important part of Obama’s life from my own understanding.. Is flat out not a friend of ours by any stretch. Further, Jews are rather testy on the subjects of Messiahs and false prophets. Here in Israel I’m sure I’m not the 1st to be disturbed by the ‘cult of Obama’, where a man with a short record, little exposure, and almost no detail in regards to policy is suddenly ‘annointed’ savior & declares ‘he’s going to change the world’ like some sort of divine calling. In history that sort of crazy turmoil meant Jews would shortly be losing all their wealth, land, and often thereafter lives. Obama’s official campaign website along the top in big letters says: “I’m Asking You to Believe” with a picture of him next to it, I find that whole message & imagery in a political race disturbing on many levels.
  • Liberal Extreme - Obama is the most Liberal politician with an actual shot that we’ve seen yet in recent memory for the White House. Liberal when it swings so far left often involves moral equivalency, cultural relativism, nihilism and all the other buzzwords you care to use to describe deep anti-Israel sentiment. That very weird place where killing a terrorist, is equal on all levels to a terrorist who kills, or where singing Kumbaya makes all the bad people in this world armed with RPGs & syntex simply disappear.
  • Rash policies - The little we do know about him is rash. He wants to syphon out all American troops from Iraq irrespective of what his commanders on the ground, or the delicate situation dictates. That’s rash in the harshest sense of the word. Will he equally decide to disregard conventional wisdom or long held policies & instead cater to his own whim, or another populist idea in the future regarding some other unknown issue? Israel due to its inherently unstable position in the turbulent Middle East likes stability & tradition whenever it can be found – There’s already too much chaos occurring here naturally, we don’t need artificial sweeteners.
  • Troubling Foreign Policy - The extreme left has allied themselves with the Jihadists in some weird unholy-alliance, and they rally to the notion you can just talk it out with the bad guys in this world, downplay the Jihadist extremist aspects of the war we are in, advocate allowing Iran to pursue nuclear technologies, it goes on & on. Obama of course doesn’t share these wacky sentiments, but his calls for unconditioned dialog & Presidential negotiations with countries like Syria & Iran strike as at best naive, and at worst frankly idiotic. The Jihadists won’t be swayed as easily as Liberal sheep when you grab their hand & you ask them to ‘believe’.. They’re more likely pull the cord & explode.

I could go on, but suffice to say that when W was put into office he also seemed to share a deep religious conviction - Ideals, values, religion & faith, it was clear he would be a strong American friend to us here in Israel. Obama is also riding a wave of what looks like a ‘religious conviction’, its got all the zealotry that’s for sure. But it’s not his ideals being worshipped or his core traditional values, more like Obama himself and I find that most troubling of all..

Will teen girls faint in his presence like the Beatles?

Chris Mathews weeping on the air after hearing Obama speak, the entire media caught up in a fluffed up frenzy.. Give me a break & grow up already pathetic lefty boomers. It would be one thing if there was some meat here, but when it comes to Obama until now – It’s all sizzle. Where’s the Beef? Worse, if we haven’t seen it that means it doesn’t really exist & they’re going to make it up as they go..

I’m envisioning a Hollywood depth of intelligency Presidency, marketed with ever appealing Hollywood type skill. In other words precisely the type of thing that usually does not end well for Israel.

Obama supports Israel, it’s the Global Jihad and his frankly dreamy & weak responses to it that would worry me.

  • Also, the church he currently belongs to is apparently pretty anti-Israel.