Hamas paying the price: Al Zahar’s son killed in anti-terror operations

Hamas Senior Minister Mahmud Al-Zahar Hamas ‘Foreign Minister’ pays personal price for violence, terrorism.

Violence, and targeted anti-qassam operations have swept the strip this past two days leaving 17 Palestinians killed, most of them militants including Mahmud Al Zahar’s son, the second in command behind deposed PM Haniyeh who vowed Hamas would respond..

Gaza: Mahmoud al-Zahar’s son, 16 others killed by IDF (Ynet)

Al-Zahar accused the moderate Palestinian president, Mahmoud Abbas of the rival Fatah movement, of complicity in his son’s death. “This is the hope of Abu Mazen and his colleagues, the collaborators with Israel and the spies of America,” Zahar said, referring to Abbas by his nickname. Hamas, he vowed, will respond to Tuesday’s raid “in the appropriate way. We will defend ourselves by all means.”

Another al-Zahar son was killed in a botched Israeli assassination attempt against the elder al-Zahar in his home three years ago. [...]

No one ever takes responsibility in the Jihadi world, this one’s Abu Mazen & America’s fault by some intense form of Hamasnian logic.. In Either case, he’s payed a heavy price for extolling the virtues of martyrdom, it will only get worse for Hamas members & leaders when we assault Gaza fully & dismantle the large military they’ve raised. As usual, that large scale operation is delayed for now to bolster the Annapolis talks, which won’t bring back the young Ecuadorian Israeli volunteer shot to death on a kibbutz near Gaza by a Palestinian sniper this morning.

Sniper attack on kibbutz volunteer

In the course of the fighting, a Palestinian sniper fired from the border area into Israel, killing 20-year-old Carlos Andres Chavez, a volunteer from Ecuador who was working in a potato field at the Ein Hashlosha kibbutz, Israeli officials said. Hamas’ military wing claimed responsibility.

“The shooting of the Ecuadorian youth demonstrates the necessity of the defensive measures the military is carrying out with pinpoint operations,” Israeli military spokeswoman Maj. Avital Leibovich said. Israel has been cracking down on Gaza militants who bombard southern Israel with rockets and mortars and attack troops along the border, even as it seeks peace with Abbas’ West Bank-based government. [...]

  • Do you remember that Dr. Rantisi (may he rest in pieces) had a debate with his wife whether it would be good for their children to be martyrs? The not-so-good pediatrician was all for sacrificing his own children – a wish that I believe came true when he was killed – but his wife very publicly disagreed with him.

  • I do recall, Rantisi was a real fanatic! Al Zahar is the last of the very public ultra maniacs in the upper circle. I just don't think Haniyeh has it in him..

    When Hamas came to power after the election the media was fawning over Haniyeh with these light, dashing styled images with him laughing & smiling; very PR oriented.

    Lately he's always butting heads with the super maniac K. Mashal in absentia, and now every time I see a picture of him he looks like has has an ulcer or worse got caught in the headlights. Can't be easy being a well known terrorist.