Prime-Time Surge!: McCain roaring out of the NH gates

Hat Tip Allahp

Everyone knows if you want a GOP government you’re going to need the center, that means McCain or Rudy somewhere up front on the big ticket. It seems part of that message is resonating with Republican delegates & voters as Mav is sweeping the nation this week following a clutch win in the NH Primary..

POLL: Transformed by Iowa and N.H., ’08 Kicks Off as a Free-for-All (ABC)

Iowa and New Hampshire have transformed the 2008 presidential race into a free-for-all, vaulting John McCain past longtime frontrunner Rudy Giuliani in the Republican contest and fueling a strong challenge to Hillary Clinton by Barack Obama among Democrats.

McCain’s victory in New Hampshire has sharply boosted views of his qualifications and abilities alike: His rating within his party as its most electable contender has tripled; as strongest leader, it’s doubled; and he’s scored double-digit gains in trust to handle Iraq and terrorism. He’s climbed into the lead in overall vote preference for the first time in ABC News/Washington Post polls in the 2008 campaign. [...]

Look at the Maverick go! I can’t wait for super tuesday any longer, I’ve already got McMania.. I’m going to need a Big Mac today for sure now. To my right leaning blog buddies this will not be as palatable as say fried patties & special sauce, but Rudy/McCain or McCain/Rudy as a ticket would be the horse that can take the win from Obama or Hillary. You’ve GOT to take the BIG HOUSE!

As a chaser, how’s about this?

Poll: ‘Overwhelming’ support for Obama among Arab Americans (Jpost) – There’s a real shocker huh? Not.