Iranian Delusion: PM says Israel & USA on same page

From the where do they get this stuff files..


Israel and the US are “on the same page” regarding the gravity of the Iranian nuclear threat and their commitment to thwart it, Prime Minister Ehud Olmert’s spokesman Mark Regev said Saturday night. [...]

“We have no doubt that the US and Israel are on the same page,” Regev said. “Both countries see the gravity of the threat that a nuclear armed Iran poses – and both are committed to preventing Iranian proliferation.” Regev, without confirming that Israel presented Bush with any new intelligence information, said the discussions “enhanced” the two countries understanding of the situation. [...]

Uh, no offense there Olmert.. But we better start flipping a few pages ahead in this book pretty darn soon, lest none of us be around to actually finish it. Regarding our intel brief for Mr Bush, no smoking gun was presented – But new evidence leaving Israel ‘in no doubt that the Iranians have re-started a weaponization program’ was shown to El Presidente while here was in the Holy Land. As for me personally, you had me at “Israel is the cancer of the Middle East” & “We’re going to wipe Israel from the map” along with “Our plans are for 19 to 20 nuclear reactors, all for peaceful purposes..”

I guess I’m a cheap date.