True Friend: Bush – We should have bombed Auschwitz

US President Bush has left Israel, but before his departure he visited Yad Vashem the Holocaust memorial center here in Israel.

Laying a wreath to pay tribute, YNET reports the President was visibly moved. Yad Vashem can be a particularly somber and moving experience, the site was closed for security purposes so I would imagine it might be even more stirring as one passes through the various memorials & museum exhibits in relative silence, alone in one’s thoughts.

Wearing a yarmulke, Bush placed a red-white-and-blue wreath on a stone slab that covers ashes of Holocaust victims taken from six extermination camps. He also lit a torch memorializing the victims.

”I was most impressed that people in the face of horror and evil would not forsake their God. In the face of unspeakable crimes against humanity, brave souls – young and old – stood strong for what they believe,” Bush said. ”I wish as many people as possible would come to this place. It is a sobering reminder that evil exists, and a call that when evil exists we must resist it,” he said.

Bush was visibly moved during his hour-long tour of the site, said Yad Vashem’s chairman, Avner Shalev. ”Twice, I saw tears well up in his eyes,” Shalev said. At one point, Bush viewed aerial photos of the Auschwitz death camp taken during the war by US forces and called Rice over to discuss why the American government had decided against bombing the site, Shalev said.

”We should have bombed it,” Bush said, according to Shalev. In the memorial’s visitors’ book, the president wrote simply, ”God bless Israel, George Bush.”

Indeed, he already has Mr. President.
Please visit again soon.

  • Bush is no friend of Israel. he is calling for Israel to
    1) Go back to the explicitly insecure borders on 1949. This leaves Israel no wider than 13 miles at 2 points.
    2) It calls on Israel to give up considerable territory where Jews lived. In other words, he is calling for the ETHNIC CLEANSING of Jews from Hebron, Bethlehem, Shilo, Shechem/Nablus and the JEWISH QUARTER of the Old City of JERSUALEM.
    3) He is calling for the demographic destruction of the remaining rump state by supporting the “right of return” of Arabs. And all this is happening while rockets from Gaza land in Israel.

  • Bush is calling for a situation where we can stick it to the Palestinians with the most favorable terms we have ever seen if we act strategically & with unity, much more favorable than our idiot Olmert himself has proposed.

    Including massive teeming with life Jewish cities like Ariel, suburbs of Jerusalem and large swaths of inhabited Jewish land in the Shomron. Including Jewish quarters of Jerusalem.. Please don't talk about 400 Jews in Hebron, the no Jews in Bethlehem, and Nablus where I don't live, none of my fellow Israelis live, and where you don't live either.

    We need to secure as much territory as possible, not martyr ourselves for squalid infested palestinian towns teeming with drek. If you are a friend of Israel you too will show more concern for Israelis – there are 6 million of them LIVING here today, let's secure their homes & lands in & beyond the green line, not our fantasies.

    I don't need to remind you of all people that we lost the 2nd temple and hundreds of thousands of Jewish lives in the siege of Jerusalem, where radicals concerned with less important issues, over life, unity & our own strength led to our downfall, the murder of fellow Jews en masse, the anger of hashem, and 2000 years of exile.  I'm no schneerson, but I feel with great faith that is not the path Hashem would choose for us – So let's not walk it in his name.