Liberal Left Hatred: Ms. Magazine Bars AJC Israeli Women’s Ad

Israeli Feminism Too Shocking For the Liberal Feminists!?

I’m always having to explain to my Liberal friends that they are praying at the wrong altar with their unabashed Liberalism, their cause is a cesspool of Jew & Israel hatred – the more to the left you go the worse it gets. But that won’t stop them, they love voting Liberal, they love the left!

Personally I’ll never understand it because the hypocrisy of the left is legendary.. Take for instance Ms. Magazine, Gloria Steinem’s Feminista New Yorker thing a majig. I’d say more, but Feminists make me generally ill (note that’s Feminists, not people who think Women deserve equal rights) and I’ve never so much as recycled a copy of Ms. Magazine, let alone read one – Lest I catch an evil disease like Communism or something.. But I’m guessing this magazine is big with the general penis envy crowd.

I don’t think I’ll be subscribing any time soon either..

Here’s the ad that has been refused by the Magazine because from my understanding it is too controversial. It features three prominent Israeli Women in positions of power to illustrate our free, equal society where Women are generally very well liked and considered quite competent (they also get to carry machine guns, you’d think this was a Feminist Mecca here the holy land no!?) Apparently not.

Too HOT for Ms. Magazine

Here’s a run down at PJM of the AJC’s response – Of course, the magazine will in the end probably back down from their frankly confused & absurd position, but it’s nice to illustrate the depth of ignorance & Israel hatred carefully nurtured by the left in general, where even the pinnacle of one’s cause is not sacrosanct if it involves us ‘evil Israeli Jews’. I think Ms. Chesler over there at PJM is as impressed as I am.

Hat Tip to the very Feminine Atlas Shrugswho also has more.

Snark Zone ahead.. 

I’m looking forward to the Saudi version of this ad personally; Featuring three nameless, featureless, faceless, position-less, random women dressed in Burkas titled “This is Saudi Arabia” – That one ought to stir up some real controversy for the Feministas at Ms..

I’m going to go make myself breakfast now, because despite being a likely Ms. classified: ‘Evil, Palestinian abusing, male chauvinist Zionist pig’ – I seem to have misplaced my nonexistent Israeli underprivileged slave-woman, I hate it when that happens.. Ten lashings for her tonight you can be sure of that!