United Front: Jerusalem Eternal

When it rains it pours..

I’ve been harping on Rice regarding Jerusalem and apparently with good reason, on this one hers is mission impossible..

Let’s take a look at the facts.

  • The vast majority of Israelis polled this week (68-70%) said ‘No division of Jerusalem ever’ period.
  • Israel Our Home party leader Lieberman said Jerusalem off the table, or we’re pulling out of the coalition.
  • Shas Leader Eli YiShai has finally stated his seats are also on the block under direct instruction from Shas’ Chief Rabbi.
  • Netanyahu our opposition leader met with Bush today & told him “Jerusalem to stay under Israeli control for eternity”.
  • Olmert himself at the big press conference pretty much said ‘you don’t have to like it, but at least we’re being honest about our aims for Jerusalem’.

The only two pansies mum on the subject have been FM Livni, who’s nurturing greedy eyes on the big PM prize and fancies herself Rice’s gal pal, and the man who was willing to sell it all to the Clintons - Labor Leader Ehud Barack who would probably pick up all of 11 seats if elections were called today. Any way you slice or dice it, these two are going nowhere fast, just like Jerusalem.

I think ‘W’ is as interested in giving away Jerusalem as I am.. 

One of Israel’s Chief Rabbis sent Bush a letter telling him both History, the Jewish People, and likely Gd himself would bring biblical type wrath upon his house if he sold us down the river on this one. Netanyahu gave Bush a thousands year old coin with Hebrew writing on it signifying our eternal claim as guardians of the Holy City, and let’s get real a moment here.. For all his shuffling and easy going manner – Bush is a deep guy, a man of spirituality & faith and he knows exactly where Jerusalem is going, and that’s nowhere at all.

It’s not so much the Palestinians one might need be concerned about, as I believe they will take a token Arabic East Jerusalem outskirts area or two & be more than satisfied. Neither is it Jerusalem’s Arab residents who’ve stated they want to stay in Israel, Palestinian State be damned, it’s the rest of the Arab & Muslim world that’s going to need to start coming to grips with this reality.

Jerusalem is going to remain the eternal Capitol of Israel, we fought to liberate it, we’ll fight to keep it.