Peace Partners: Multiple Palestinian Groups Threaten to Murder US President

Our distinguished guest, President Bush is heading out of Israeli control today and the concern in Israel for his safety is palpable. Numerous Gazan groups spurred on by the radical Hamas have called for the assassination of the US President on his visit, the Jerusalem Post reports 3 radical Palestinian groups calling for violence against Bush in the last 24 hours alone.

Violent Demonstrations Expected

Yesterday while Bush was in Tel-Aviv & Jerusalem, violent protests, flag burnings & burnings of Bush in effigy took place in Gaza, and violent demonstrations are expected in the West Bank areas where the President is expected to visit with Abbas & PA officials, who themselves are now equally concerned for his safety.

We are taking these threats very seriously,” a senior PA security official told The Jerusalem Post. “We have taken several precautionary measures to foil any attempt to target Bush or to disrupt his visit.”

Another PA security official accused Hamas of being behind most of the threats against the US leader. “Hamas has turned the Gaza Strip into a safe haven for numerous terrorist groups,” he said. “All these groups are operating there under the auspices of Hamas.” [...]

Some 20 masked gunmen belonging to the Army of the Nation held a press conference in Khan Yunis in which they condemned Bush as the “leader of the infidels” and accused him of “waging war against Muslims in Iraq, Afghanistan and Palestine.” The group vowed to receive Bush with suicide bombers during his visit to the Palestinian territories.

A spokesman for the group who identified himself as Abu al-Hifs denied his men were affiliated with al-Qaida or Fatah al-Islam. “We are all Muslim youth from here,” he said. “Fatah al-Islam and al-Qaida are our brothers. Although we have no ideological difference between us, we don’t belong to them.” [...]

This is combined with the previous Al Qaeda messages, 2 in the past two weeks calling for violence against Israel & Bush. It’s quite dangerous frankly, Israel is not allowed security control in PA autonomous areas, and of course Gaza is really Gazastan now..

The Palestinians have created a cesspool of terrorism & violence, which even now threatens to mar the visit of the man most responsible for trying to fulfil their dream of statehood. Bush is en-route to Ramallah now, please keep him safe.