Just Like the Holocaust! : Iran says USA ‘Fabricated’ Gulf boating incident

It’s a figment of our collective imagination, nothing more than a Hollywood stunt. Wow, the nerve of the Pentagon to fabricate an international incident like this along with fake video, I tell you between the endless lies pouring out of Iran, the conspiracy theorists flocking to Ron paul, and the wave of puke inducing Obama worship the whole planet has gone to hell.

It’s like the morons have seized control, either that or someone has been slipping bad acid into my Cup ‘o Soups. Attention the following Pentagon video has been declared a fabrication by the Islamic Republic of Iran so you must view at your own risk lest Allah strike you down, more to the point.. If you watch this you have to wonder about the Americans, can you believe these boats we NOT fired upon!? Insanity.

I feel safer already knowing the USA is watching Israel’s back in case of a nuclear Iran, nice to know we’ll all be vaporized WELL BEFORE any action is taken.. If ever.

Decline of the American Empire.


  • MarineCorpsVet

    IMHO, you need to change "I feel safer already knowing the USA is watching Israel’s back…" to "I feel safer already knowing Israel is watching the USA’s back…". I can't believe those PC wimps on our boats didn't blow those maniacs out of the water.

  • Hey MCV.  Yeah.. Thing is that's not how Lady Liberty asked us how to go about it, tough situation for Israel, Commander Bush seems frustrated too..

    meanwhile as an update to this thread; watching the news now (Fox StudioB) a former clinton military advisor suggesting that these are 'rogue' elements of Iran's military / Rev. Guard and saying how fortunate it was these 5 craft veered away after coming within spitting distance of 3 large US Naval vessels while threatening to blow up in a minute, without even a warning shot or starburst in return – the pitiful nature of the Democrats, 'thank heavens these threatening Iranians finally veered away!'

    Message received LOUD & CLEAR, feel free to pee directly on the heads of American Military Personel anywhere, rules of engagement will prevent anything from happening to you.. and Far too many Americans will cheer the results. This makes me very very sad. Gd bless the US men & women serving far from home and their safety.