Rice has lost her mind: Beyond Jerusalem Green Line means ‘Settlements’

This is just beyond outrageous already, now all of East Jerusalem annexed by Israel after 1967 constitutes the Palestinians land according to Rice!? Have the Americans gone totally bonkos? This woman is beginning to behave like a one woman Jew wrecking machine.

JPOST: Rice: No difference between W. Bank and e. J’lem settlements

In comments that threaten Israel’s hold on east Jerusalem, US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice told The Jerusalem Post on Monday that the US does not consider it legitimate for Israel to build homes in some neighborhoods of the capital which are located beyond the Green Line. [...]

Rice on Monday clarified that the US believes that portions of east Jerusalem are considered to be “settlements” and that Israel must stop building there as part of its commitment to implement the first phase of the road map.

Rice said “the United States doesn’t make a distinction” between settlement activity in east Jerusalem and the West Bank and that the road map obligations are on “settlement activity generally.”She was speaking during an interview conducted by the Post and Ynet ahead of her departure for the region.

Rice referred specifically to Jerusalem’s Har Homa enclave as one such proscribed neighborhood. “Har Homa is a settlement the United States has opposed from the very beginning,” she said in response to a question from the Post.

She didn’t, however, clarify whether other Jerusalem neighborhoods over the Green Line, such as Gilo and Ramot, were also settlements in the eyes of the United States when asked. “The important point here is that we need to have an agreement so that we can stop having this discussion about what belongs to Israel and what doesn’t,” she said in response. [...]

NEWSFLASH Condi: Right now, EVERYTHING belongs to Israel in case you forgot.

She just kissed the Peace Process goodbye.

NO ONE save the total maniacs here in Israel will EVER sign off on this MASSIVE policy switch, Rice has effectively pre-determined that all of East Jerusalem lies in the claims of the Palestinians, there are substantial long existing Jewish Neighborhoods in these areas. No distinction between the West Bank & East Jerusalem? That means that there is ALSO NO DISTINCTION BETWEEN THE WEST BANK & THE TEMPLE MOUNT does it not since that too is over your magic green line with no distinctions? I wonder what the Republican Base has to say about that, perhaps we should also ask Congress while we are at it, heck I’d like to hear the President’s views too..

The push to establish a peace of convenience has now crossed every red line, the US under Rice’s auspices is also now suggesting a possible Jordanian / Egyptian armed force to patrol the West Bank, and I guess safeguard all of Israel as well as those ‘non distinctive’ Jewish Settlements too right? Maybe we should just hand all of Israel over to the Arabs & be done with it?

Rice is in a for a rude awakening - We will vote down these preposterous initiatives in droves here in Israel. No one will be much impressed here in the holy land trust me - This is a democratic country, unlike the savages Rice is now championing with our land, lest anyone forget. By pushing so far we are going to respond at the voting booth by telling you to take your initiative and shove it. Leaving Rice the title of the Woman who most damaged relations between Israel and the United States in the last 60 years, that will be her legacy.

Easy come, Easy go

We’ve now seen Rice speak, now watch Rice backtrack because the minefield she just stepped into will blow her peace process sky high. We could care less here about the pressures on the Palestinians or the even handed BS the State Department feeds its Arab masters – Either the demands will be reasonable or there will be no peace! It’s really that simple, the land is currently under our control and we aren’t going anywhere until we vote on it. Democracy can be a real bitch huh Condi?

Please have a safe flight while we all look forward to your retraction & clarifications.. Some of us still want to see George.

  • That either French Hill or Sanhedria-Murchevet is considered occupied territory according to the Saudis and the rest of the Arab world is not surprising. In fact every time a columnist (say Thomas Friedman) who advocated the Saudi plan finessed the issue.

    Now, at least, Sec Rice has brought the issue to the forefront and clarified it. I hope that you're right that such a revelation will alienate Israel's electorate.

  • I think even our sellouts here like Livni are going to tell her this is obscene, she can't even tap into obama mania & get elected PM under these auspices that's how crazy this notion is..

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