The NIE heard round the world

When the funky National Intelligence Estimate came out, many intelligent people (including the less intelligent among us such as myself) stated this would be the end of the road for an effective halt to Iran’s weaponization & nuclear ambitions.. 

Lo and behold..

A bit over a month later, the word Iran does not even appear in the dictionary any longer, let alone in the media. Have you heard a word about Iran ANYWHERE? It’s like they’ve been ‘wiped off the map’.

Iran? Never heard of it. All is quite on the (Jihadi) Western Front, almost time to open up serious negotiations! You know, sell a little more of America away to the Jihadists.. Wait, what’s that? Oh it’s nothing, probably just another shipment of Russian Nuclear Fuel for the Iranian reactors. Nothing to see here, move along.

UPDATE: Iran not content to keep quiet

Iranian Revolutionary Guards make mock suicide speedboat runs on US Warships

5 speedboats have apparently made mock attack runs, broadcast suicide bomber style threatening messages, and did quick cargo drops near 3 US warships in the key shipping Straits of Hormuz, nearly prompting the US warships to open fire on Sunday. According to Fox News the very cool Geoff Morrell from the Pentagon said the US along with the WH are awaiting an official explanation.. Are the Iranians goading, or worse yet training for attacks on live US sea targets in broad daylight now!? If so, this is the latest testament to how well appeasement works as a policy in general. I’m sending a Christmas card to the US Dept. of State.

US Warships that come under mock attack runs (FOX NEWS)

Requisite absurdity Obama Comment follows:
That is precisely why the visionary messiah Obama, is best suited to lead! He’ll likely bring us all to WWIII in the near future with his testicle-less, head in the sand non existent foreign policy ideals based on the appeasers handbook. Just ask Neville Chamberlain how well that worked out.