Massive Terror Threat: Dual Al-Qaeda Messages for Israel

The arrival this week of President Bush will mean it’s extreme danger time in Israel, and the threat is very real.

Al Qaeda in the last two weeks has released two tapes, one by Bin Laden himself calling for the ‘liberation of Palestine’, the second calling for attacks on the President of the United States and US targets. These tapes are not to be taken lightly, as intelligence has often postulated that they are directives & message carriers to the international terror network from leaders pointing to targets & times to strike & initiate carnage.

Israel itself is going on the highest alert & mobilizing to try & avert the danger, but despite our superlative military & security complex it’s our government’s general incompetence which worries most. Endless security establishment, intelligence briefings, and military warnings of the terror soup cooking in Gaza have been almost totally ignored for nearly 2 years now. Hamas has a full fledged military army developed and Al Qaeda supporting Jihad has seeded itself in both Gaza, Egypt, Jordan and Lebanon - Totally surrounding the Jewish State on every side.

Arms & men have been flowing from Egypt totally unimpeded while we discuss our ‘peace options’ like suicidal maniacs, we are already reducing & delaying endlessly because “This is a sensitive time diplomatically.”

Go to ground

Tourist spots, Hotels, public areas, and especially anything affiliated with the USA like consulates will be prime targets this week, not too mention half of Jerusalem, I’d be lying if I said I won’t be thinking about it as I go about daily life in Tel-Aviv. Hezbollah to the North, Rockets from the Gazan west, suicide bombers from the ‘PA controlled’ east, mixed in with Al Qaeda crazed Jihadists gunning for blood.. We are in for a hell of a time.

The President is most welcome, though it is too bad his foreign policy of late and the Israeli government’s endless tail wagging to it have squeezed us into this dangerous corner.