The Christians Are Coming

Flying home to Tel-Aviv from LA is a gruelling process, fortunately enough this was made somewhat easier for me by two events both involving my quick stop over in Georgia. I Like Georgia, even when it is freezing like it was the other night. Fact is I like southern folk a lot and Georgia still has that southern feel as opposed to nearby Florida, but enough about that.. In any case, my stop in Georgia involved seating my keester down in a much more amenable Boeing 777 – Which everyone knows is the most beautiful piece of tin flying these days (Don’t get me started on the Airbus, trust me – anything made in France is crap.)

The 777 has thrilled me to no end ever since my maiden flight aboard one almost a decade ago on.. Air France of all places lol, from Tel-Aviv (You see? If the french themselves fly Boeing you know its good :)~

The Mission 

This time I wasn’t flying Air France, but I made sure to book a trip on the 777 by hook or by crook for the ‘long haul’ back to the holy land. To my great pleasure, the entire rear of the plane where I was seated was occupied by a mission, comprising about 10 supervisors and about 30 or so young Christian Zionists. Of course the only thing as delicious as a Zionist is a Christian Zionist, a plane load of young 18 year old Christian Zionists on their way to the holy land makes the 11 hour ordeal downright pleasant if you ask me. Throw a 777 into the mix and you’re cooking with steam!

The guys were all covered in acne yet still in great spirits (a little Christianity goes a long way I tell ya) and the girls were adorable with their heads planted on the seat trays while they slept, Ipods blaring all about. Despite about 20 hours travel time I couldn’t get much sleep, I was thinking about the Iowa caucas which was going on & the fact that I was unable to get any news whatsoever having spanned numerous time zones, most of them airborne..

Oy Vey – Obama 

Landing about 10 minutes before the sabbath in Israel has its advantages, mainly involving customs agents – meaning there are non to be found.. Which is fortunate for me because I had about 20 gallons worth of scotch and 5 cartons of smokes waiting for me at the Tel-Aviv duty free.. Plus assorted electronics for me & my dear friends in Israel courtesy of America the free. Incidentally if you’ve never been the electronics are not free, just the ability to buy them at all hours of the day or night provided you can find some after the Christmas mad rush.

It would have been all ideal, myself, the Christians, cartons of duty free goods and not a customs agent in sight.. If not for the unfortunate reality of finding out that Obama had won in Iowa. I had been dreading the news. Evangelicals, my plane mates among them may have gotten a Huckabee win, but Huckabee won’t be the next president. If Obama wins, all us Zionists, Christian friends included lose big. The way I see it, the only thing worse than Obama being President would be Rosie O’Donnell being President..

Until then, I hope those kids have a blast & leave Israel loving it as much as I do.

  • Hi Saus, glad u had a nice visit in the good ole US of A and a safe return trip home.

    I agree Huckabee can't defeat a democrat.  I think that's why is he is the Republican nominee darling of the media.  Fred Thompson is the man.  Evangelicals to forget Huckabee.  He is a waste of time and vote.


  • Gd Bless America :)
    Thanks Kristee, all the best to you & your family in the new year!
    As for Fred, I liked him from day one, though more and more (an outsiders view) I'm personally feeling the only chance in the general for conservatives is Rudy or McCain, but neither seems to appeal to the outer edges of the party.. While the party itself is ignoring the fact that it is the small swing vote in the center on which elections are sadly now determined.

    Seems like a perfect storm - I fear the worst and I'd like nothing more than to be real real wrong!