EU Gazan aid: Let them eat explosives

The¬†Palestinians, they need billions in aid & the EU is more than glad to comply. This humanitarian effort is most appreciated, though Israelis in general might be more appreciative if the Humanitarian aid trucks weren’t packed with EU packaged sugar actually containing tons of explosives destined for Hamas & Fatah terrorists.

The IDF has intercepted 6.5 tons of humanitarian aid marked as ‘EU sugar’ which actually contains Potassium Nitrate (YNET)¬†- the stuff used to make massive truck bombs like the ones used to attack the World Trade Center in the 90′s, and which brought down the federal building in Oklahoma.

The great peace drive and the international enablers who make it happen – the more murdered Jews the better I guess, I’m waiting for the massive international aid inquiry, the firings & charges against the EU aid workers who are smuggling weapons to terrorists, and the international condemnation..

I’ll no doubt be waiting a VERY long time as the EU response was ‘no comment.’