Jihad Rising: Dems sinking

While visiting here in America during the unfortunate Pakistani assassination by Jihadists, I got an opportunity to eat some not available by me in Tel-Aviv MSNBC, specifically I watched Hardball and reaction to the killing. After watching Chris Mathews and his panel roundtable the events and candidate reactions I’m left more fearful of Barack Obama than ever..

‘We’re gonna change the World’

Take a look at that tag line above, I heard it as part of one of Obama’s campaign jingles and what scares me is that it is the exact same sentiment shared by the Jihadists, they also want to change the world! They do it by blowing themselves up & taking anyone unfortunate enough to be standing nearby with them. If Obama, or Edwards were to win the Democratic primaries the explosion would leave plenty of carnage in their wake imho.

Americans can do as they please, and domestic issues are an in-house American thing I have no business commenting on, but as the world power the thought of having a neophyte like Obama, or a cheer-leading flopper like Edwards steering planetary foreign policy is almost as scary to me as handing the keys over to the Jihadists themselves.

Tough talk

Say what you will about Musharraf & democracy, and Obama / Edwards both have plenty to say, but their inability to grasp the intricacies of foreigh policies are glaring. Bhutto is gone, Musharraf is the lone horse in the race now and it’s time to shore up support.

Instead the dems save Hillary are swiping at the Pakistani leader. Someone needs to school them to the realities that every single large fish take down of al-qaeda during the last 5 years was as a direct result of Pakistani intelligence cooperation with the United States. None of the big headline grabbing catches have been as a result of US action alone, in fact most have been Pakistani tags handed over to the US afterwards. Without Musharraf’s very dangerous to him personally assistance; the US would have been spinning its wheels until now going nowhere fast.

Lip Service

Why does it matter? Because the US is seen around the world these days as a fickle ally – When the going gets tough the Americanos led by popular opinion and the US Dept. of State do indeed get going.. Seemingly in the other direction. The Dems, Biden included seem to be playing out this same scenario calling now for reviews of Pakistani foreign aid, calling for removal of Musharraf, it’s foolishness with a capital F. 

Pakistan has entered no go zones in waziristan, perhaps not as gung-ho as Barack Obama would like with his tough talk (all talk being the key word), but entered they have nonetheless. Musharraf may not be as appealing to local bleeding hearts as the female corruption laced poster girl Bhutto was, but he’s better than a mad Muslim armed with nuclear weapons supporting Jihad any way you roll those dice. He’s risked plenty for American goals, he’s cooperated better than any had ever hoped. Only a fool would choose to make internal American political hay at his expense at this dangerous juncture. Leaders playing to their base at the expense of American long term goals & policies are leaders best left by the wayside from my perspective.

Take a good look

Watching the leading Democratic candidates handle a major international incident with large foreign policy ramifications is a telling event, while here in the US I’ve gotten rinkside seats and so far all I’ve seen from the Dems is a bunch of welterweights. Things are heating up around the region (Mideast), now’s not the time for big statements and world changing BS – Now’s the time to double down buckle up and prepare for the next round.

If Obama or Edwards are large in charge it’ll be bloody alright.. But it will be American blood being spilt by an emboldened Jihad slapping America silly left, right, & center.

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