Classic Quote: “We all know the CIA is very good at keeping secrets” – Jane Harman

I couldn’t resist this. Watching Fox News Sunday, Jane Harman who I happen to respect immensely.. In reference to the CIA tapes, was asked what her opinion was of the notion that the CIA didn’t archive video tapes of terror interrogations in order to protect the interrogators – She responded with this absolute classic..

She doesn’t buy it, straight up, no sarcasm… “We all know the CIA is very good at keeping secrets

Come now Jane, I think we all really know how effective the CIA is at keeping secrets, can I have some cheese with that whopper!? lol. She chased it by stating the NIE was some of the finest intelligence work around..

Uhh, 0 for 2 this Sunday.

PS Jane, do you remember how adamant you were a few months ago that the intelligence leaks absoluely HAD to stop!? Which is it now, a vault of secrets in lock-down, or a leaky boat? Despite getting totally shafted by Pelosi when the Dems took the house Jane still spins like a pro for the left! I still think they should have made you Chair of the Intelligence Committee. Heck, they should have made her speaker! I’m crazy about you Jane, whoppers & all.

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