An Anti-Semitic Approach: The Danger of Appeasement – For Liberal America & the World. (A response to Newsweek Magazine)

This is in response to the wave of appeasement in America, and the total collapse of every value & tradition we all aspired to and admired in you the world over, these last 230 years.

Brought to you by the treasonous bastards at Newsweek magazine. Where point blank anti-semitism is now published right out in the open, just like Nazi Germany.

Rid the world of Zionist influence
Then: German men and youth pose beneath an anti-Jewish banner that reads, “Help liberate Germany from Jewish capital. Don’t buy at Jewish stores.”

Now: Help liberate the world from diseased ‘Zionist influence’, wipe the Jews from the map.


Under the Caliphate you will only read the Koran.
Then: Only Nazi & Aryan thought was allowed.. Knowledge was forbidden, books burned.

Now: Only the Islamic Brotherhood, Koran & Islam matter – ‘Eternal peace’ and subjugation. They won’t burn Newsweek magazines, they’ll just hang then burn the editors.


Kill the disease, wipe the Zionists from earth
Then: View of the entrance to the main camp of Auschwitz. The gate bears the motto “Arbeit Macht Frei” (‘Work’ makes one free).

Now: Purge all the Jews & Zionists, wiping them off the map makes one free.


Children at Auschwitz
Then: Children at Auschwitz. My grandmother was in this camp, after a stay in Dachau. 1 Million Jews/Zionists were exterminated here.

Now: The Radical Left & Islamists have the bloody nerve to claim we are committing genocide of Palestinian Women & Children. This must be the slowest most inefficient genocide in the history of the world.


6 million Zionists - Half an entire people wiped from the Earth in genocide.

Then: Zionists & Jews, emaciated from starvation, left to rot, murdered & dumped in pits at Bergen-Belsen concentration camp. Take a good look at real genocide you Islamist pigs.

Now: None of this even happened, us Jews made it all up! I Swear! I read it in Newsweek Magazine.


He let it happen, will we?
Then: SS officer Eichelsdoerfer, the commandant of the Kaufering IV concentration camp, stands among the corpses of prisoners killed in his camp. (April 27-30, 1945)

Now: No one is responsible to prevent these actions, the Jews according to 20 odd Arab / Muslim states don’t even exist.


It's happening all over again.
Then: Hitler didn’t master this technology in time to commit even more atrocious genocides if that is imaginable even..

Now: The new Hitler is being handed this weapon with the stated intention of wiping peoples from this earth, & Liberal America is celebrating it on the cover of their magazines.


Dear Editors, Publishers & Readers of Newsweek Magazine. I’ll see you in hell you deluded appeasing pigs.

I posted this on the sabbath as it has become more than clear there will obviously be no rest for us Jews & Zionists. If America has given up – we’ll need to take care of this ourselves.

Oh BTW, If the Nukes start flying as a result, well what can we say.. Other than it looks like you too are phucked because we ain’t going out like that again while you sit & watch, this time if need be we are taking everyone out with us.

Have a nice day!

* Hat Tip to the readers of HotAir

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    What are you even talking about? Newsweek is owned by Zionist Jews, IDIOT!