Come Get Some: Al Qaeda Chief calls for expanding Jihad to Palestine

Michelle Malkin has the goods on the latest Jihad tape released,

it references Annapolis, Abbas and a call for Jihad to ultimately liberate Jerusalem and establish the worldwide caliphate.

[...] “My brothers in Palestine, we, all Muslims, the Mujahedeen are by your side, in your confrontation with the Zionist enemy,” al-Zawahri said. “We will not let you down even if your politicians do.”

Israel’s latest intelligence suggests Al Qaeda is active all around Israel, exploiting Jordan & Egypt primarily as footholds, but that the terror group has not firmly established itself in the Gaza strip as of yet. This seems to be a rallying call to Islamic Jihad, Hamas & assorted scum to get more active. Indeed today Hamas announced it would be stepping up with even more attacks against Israel.

All I can is these guys must have serious cohones. Israel is at the brink, being asked to concede more & more for peace. It is 10000% assured that Israel will act very very forcefully no matter how the process unfolds in order to buttress the message that it prioritizes security above all else, even if negotiations are ongoing.

When Israel is divided for peace & pursuing it, it is without question the most dangerous time to trifle with it, as we tend to react with total fury. Anything else spells the end of our government’s ability to proceed. This is the Mid East, we don’t trifle around like our friends the brits & the yankees – We’ll find these people & kill them in their beds if they play on our court. Then we’ll find where their families live & blow up their houses, honestly.. We could care less what Amnesty says about it – these terrorists don’t hide the fact they seek our total destruction.