Fallout: Jilted State awaits Bush in Israel

Left Out in The Cold

It shouldn’t be this way, the big guy, El Presidente! The guy who’s deeds Jewish conservatives could finally point to and say ‘you see what we’re talking about? There’s love on this side of the aisle..” Yeah, that guy. The Joe who looked into the camera tilted his head snorted & said ‘Well, we’re gonna smoke ‘em out of their holes’ and vowed on a dank New York morning into the megaphone heard round the world, that pretty soon ‘everybody would be listening’. 

I’m talking about this guy..

Those were the days

There’s few stadiums in the world where this rock star could ever get a warmer reception than right here in Israel. Gallup polled recently & found that regarding foreign leaders internationally, Bush scored highest in Israel - with a 66% support rate. After 7 years, he’s on his way. Trouble is, under his direction his State Department has been making a heck of a mess around here, and if a cheerleader like me is feeling sombre, it leaves me saddened to think that after all we’ve been through it shouldn’t be like this.

Gaza gone wrong

We had to convince Bush to get on board with giving back Gaza, he was opposed but in the end felt it might be a big step towards peace. So he sent Condi Rice to try and lay some ground to smoothen that process’ arrival. That’s when the trouble started.

Instead of ushering peace, we got an ushering in of American policy somehow deluded (READ STATE DEPT.) in the belief that Hamas, the terrorist organization should be allowed on the ballot despite the fact they were still an armed terrorist group. Condi rolled her dice smug in the warmth of her democracy strategy, problem is she woke up to a Hamas elected terrorist group majority. Olmert one month in office began his own march of weakness incidentally, it was the start of our total subservience to the frankly incompetent US State Department.

Mistakes happen, so you correct them. Bush doctrine should have been applied, but it was not. Instead Condi scratched Europe’s back and Israel’s face by insisting that Rafah – The Egyptian / Gaza crossing be under Palestinian control with EU monitors. Of course we objected, pleaded. We knew the PA was not willing or able to control normalcy and the result was Hamastan. The EU Monitors never controlled the entry of weapons, they were the 1st to flee in fact when enough weapons had been amassed allowing Hamas to flip a full military coup in lieu of security in the territories.

We’ve had our soldiers kidnapped, our citizens bombarded, our faith in big steps shaken to the core. In the end, Rice’s State Department looms larger than ever by tying our hands. Worse, her mentors are advising Rice she should pressure us into negotiating with the terrorists. That guy, is that his intention - to tie our hands from defending ourselves?
I Don’t believe it.

Push for Peace

I was aghast in 2002 when on the White House lawn I heard the big guy call for a Palestinian State. Not that I have a problem with a Palestinian state, more like the most powerful man calling for one gratis. He rarely disappointed back then though, so the next sentence was about ‘certain new facts on the ground’. Man to man he assured Sharon that settlements were a reality that would have to be dealt with, & more importantly reality dictated they be dealt with by leaving them exactly where they were. Mr Big, practical, driven by realities & convictions.

But then the US State Department buttressed by old farts like Jim Baker, and Hamilton screamed bloody murder that if only you sacrificed Israel up on the altar, all the world would fall into place. Iraq, the Middle East, the Saudis, even the tooth fairy would once again give small children large fortunes while they slept! Just get rid of those damned Joooz!

Rice rice rice, having zero and I repeat zero middle east experience herself, embraced this madness and convinced the big guy to do so as well. Now we find ourselves negotiating with terrorists, the US flirting with Iran, and Pelosi getting foot massages in Syria. We find Israel’s government like dopey, going along with the US in lock step despite the fact that each & every policy rolled out further endangers our national security. Is this what that guy wanted? A sacrifice of Israel.. Like Abraham & Isaac, only this time all of us lacking faith Rice will stay the executioners hand like the angel of Gd did?
I don’t believe it.

Lebanon, the Paris Hilton of the Middle East

It’s hard to find a more useless country in the Rice plan currently than Lebanon. A more fertile, pliable and western zone to plough her democracy theory she will never find. Yet, despite a war, UN harmony, and even the slapping around of Israel internationally Hezbollah still calls the shots. The US sponsored regime is on life support, and the militants supported by Iran & Syria have knocked off yet ANOTHER pion of Lebanese democracy in the last two days.

Did we smash our enemies lobbing rockets on our population? Did we kill Hassan Nasrallah for attacking our country? Did we seize the opportunity to defang a significant portion of the terrorist threat Bush, the big guy has been talking about for 8 years now? Nope. We looked to Rice, and the State Department. We banked on her close multilateral relationships with the French (the whores of the middle east, if a tail goes up in the Levant, you can rest assured the French will be right there to take a sniff.) and you know what we got for our troubles? The Clap. Is that what that guy wanted? Israel humbled on the battlefield, and neutered in the UN?
I don’t believe it.

Iran – The Jihad itself armed with Nuclear Weapons

This time the threat is not only to Israel, but our entire way of life comprising Tel-Aviv through London to Washington all the way to pretty San Diego. This time it’s all those scary speeches rolled into one, this time it’s not two buildings coming down but entire cities & populations at risk from terror. The entire balance of power this century is in theory on the table here. Of all times, of all situations this is the LAST ONE of all where we would ever expect America to slide us a 3 of spades instead of the ace in the deck!? What the HELL?

We, known worldwide as willing to act to defend ourselves deferred. We put all of our eggs in the American Easter basket. How could America relent on this, after all Iran is the very antithesis of America. Safe bet, because if Israel goes we figured America goes with it and surely this empire of greatness cannot possibly be so stupid as to deal with the devil. But, it required yet again putting our faith in Rice and the State Department. Sanctions, coalitions, the white marbled gleaming UN we were told would finally after 60 years do one damn thing right. But lo and behold the price keeps getting steeper, while the Iranian program gets deeper, and now the entire thing seems for naught. Bush assures us, Rice jets around, but we all know what’s coming. Grand Bargain, and leave your AMEX at home because ‘they only take the ISRACARD’ for payment where Rice is shopping.

Iran, unless we stop it ourselves now in the 4th quarter no less – will be a nuclear power and the fate of Israel will forever be altered. Is that what the big guy wanted? To be the President of the United States under a rising nuclear powered Islamic Jihad for generations to come?
I don’t believe it.

All Smiles

When he arrives we will smile, we will feel glad. The same gladness you feel when an old friend is seen after years apart. But deep down it will be hard to cover up the fact that right now the NIE may be talking in terms of high-confidence, but here in Israel our confidence in our stalwart ally is dropping faster than a stone. If you come George, do us all a favor and leave Dr. Rice at home.

Because will all her footsie playing, it has become clear we’re the pascal lamb, and worse her Arab friends have no qualms about spitting in her face and laughing all the way home at Israel’s expense. Maybe when they are here Rice can explain to us, and George why her partners in the Arab coalition, both the Egyptians & the Saudis have opened new warm relations with Iran in the last 48 hours, Saudi Arabia has invited Ahmadinejad to be their guest on the Haj, Pilgrimage to Mecca! The first Iranian President ever to be bestowed the honor. Egypt has opened relations for the 1st time since Saddat was assinated by Islamic Extremists.

Believe it.

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Update – Lieberman Quote:
“I have to correct the State Department,” Lieberman said. “They spoke about 300 housing units in Har Homa, but there are 3,000 on the way.”

Damn straight. The State of Israel does not stop growing on account of a world desire to eat Palestinian hay. Get your own damn barn. We’ve done our bit for peace.

  • churchillovitz

    First of all, in line with my fiercely held contention that the British have the best sense of humour (”Thank God we British can laugh at ourselves”), I should like to share a joke, which fellow Englishmen will get, Yanks probably will get, and Israelies might get: David Beckham is standing in front of a can machine. He puts in fifty pence and a can rolls out, he puts in another fifty pence and yet another can rolls out. As he goes on repeating this, a guy taps him on the shoulder and says ‘what the heck d’ya think you’re doing!?’ ‘Shut up!’ replies Beckham, ‘Can’t you see i’m winning!’ :-D. Now, it’s a good article, but could you possibly put the point in (less than) two sentences or so? -we English like getting to the point! Cheers.

  • heh - but then it wouldn't be a lament. Here's my best effort though for the future. We're screwed.

  • churchillovitz

    Who do you suggest would be the best person for the PMs job? Bibi? And by the way the line between socialism and capitalism is greatly diminishing- both are tending to move towards the center. Why do you, actually, prefer capitalism? Isn’t it better to have a benefit system for those who need it- even if means taxes?

  • Truthfully I suggest that Israel have a democratic government that represents its voters and their mandates. Olmert's government's approval ratings are under 10%. This is unheard of in a democracy, I suggest we vote, my own vote will not be for Olmert or Kadima, but I have no objection to anyone else's vote.

    What you described above is capitalism. There are unemployment benefits, welfare, social assistance, taxes, education etc etc in all capitalist economic systems. Socialism is not tax the rich, capitalism already taxes the rich, in capitalist systems 99% of low incomes are not taxed at all.

    Socialism is the seizure & redistribution of wealth determined by the state, and the needs of the state surpass the needs of the individual. It removes incentives, is ineficient, and promotes waste like no other system.

    Without incentives humans will be glad to simply sponge off others whether they need it or not. Taxes to pay for services is normal & part of a mixed market economy, redistribution of wealth seized by the state & then allocated collectively is a failed system that promotes mass unemployment, deficits, debt and is simply non sustainable. Eventually, no one goes out to make the money needed for the redistribution, why on earth would they? Frankly the inefficiency alone makes it a non starter for me never mind any ideological arguments.

  • churchillovitz

    You’ve definitely got a point there, and indeed, I just read recently that England’s welfare state set up in ’45 is failing dismally. As Churchill’s famous saying goes: ‘The inherent vice of capitalism is the unequal sharing of blessings. The inherent virtue of socialism is the equal sharing of miseries.

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