Dear Condi: Confidence this.

I’m starting to get grated by Condi Rice, she’s now pressuring Israel regarding the Har Homa apartment block to the effect that these 300 apartments in the Jerusalem outskirts are preventing peace.

Confidence Measures

According to Rice & the Realists the Palestinians need confidence & hope. Well I submit that Israel has done enough. We’ve stated our willingness two cut our state in HALF & give it to the most UNDESERVING Palestinians, we’ve tabled our Capitol City for negotiations, is Washington also up for sale? No? I didn’t think so. We’ve put our holiest site on earth up for discussions, the temple mount itself. We’ve pledged to ARM our enemies with weapons in the deluded notion they will be used against fellow Palestinians by Abbas, this is just the tip of the iceberg.

NO More measures.

Dear Condi, we appreciate that you want to make peace, but we’ve given more than enough to build confidence with a bunch of terrorists who seek to murder us. We’ve had enough here already, stop wasting our time by telling us now if you only do this, then we can make peace, if you only do that then their will be ‘condifence’, if if if. In the meantime we have Hezbollah to the North, Syria to the NE, Iran to the East, Hamas to the West, and Fatah terrorists in the heart of our country. I’m sorry, we’re too busy preparing for wars to worry about sham peace.

Olmert, Livni – Tell Condi the concessions are over, or go home yourselves. We build wherever we want in our State, we don’t need your permission nor do we seek it. If our leaders cannot maintain this very simple concept of independence in the State of Israel they should resign. it’s very simple – Explain to Condi the realist a little reality, you no longer have a national mandate to sell cookies, let alone make concessions.

Less is more

The less the Palestinians do for peace, the more support they get.. More money, more conferences, more media, apparently less is more. If the Palestinians want peace so badly then here’s their big chance to prove it, we’ve already done our part, right now they have NOTHING, we’ve offered them EVERYTHING.

If that’s not good enough for Rice & her treasonous State Dept not too mention the hapless Palestinians they can both go to hell. Do the Americans think we are stupid? We see your grand bargain with Iran, I never thought I’d say it but I no longer trust the Bush Administration.

You have much more to worry about than the useless Palestinians Condi, you now need to start building confidence measures with the Israelis.


SoccerDad is saying similar things, but the tone is different. He links to Daled Amos where similar opinions are also found.. This time the tone is more near the surface. The reactions are guttural all around, frustration at differing levels in response to the absurdity of certain aspects of this peace process.

At Soccer Dad you have an intellectual argument regarding the diplomacy & its coverage, at DA I see an ideological difficulty with concepts expressed, and here an emotional screed reflecting fears & frustrations on the practical results visible from all the discussions in the 1st place. Three different parts of the body are speaking, the mind, the heart, and the senses – What strikes me most is that despite the differing priorities of these organs, the overall message of the body is on some levels the same:

No more medicine!

Update2: Blair – Israeli Nightmare (Jpost)

I don’t understand what is going on, Blair admits we have a nightmare on our hands, yet insists we carry on anyhow.. For what? What is the purpose here? (If someone answers peace, I will smack them!) It is surely not peace because even as the article states the PA refuses to recognize Israel, the Jewish State – We are told to forge on, give more, expect less. It is already clear my irresponsible govt expected some sort of quid pro-quo regarding Iran in return for this folly. But now even that has fizzled – What are we doing here? Saving Olmert’s govt? Saving Rice’s legacy?

Honestly, what is this all about? It’s not about the Palestinians because truthfully even their fellow Arabs could care less about them, the Palestinian cause has worldwide ALWAYS been more about hating Israel than looking out for the Palestinians, it’s a manufactured problem more than anything else.. Is my Prime Minister, my foreign Minister, someone from my elected govt going to get on TV address this nation & explain what the heck we are doing here?