Want nobody to mourn: Zep Rocked the London House :)

The best Rock & Roll band in the history of the world played their 1st live gig last night in a long long time! Via memeorandum NME Reviews the concert¬†and of course you know it was beyond any measure of awesome. Oy, I’m hopeful they put out a DVD of this event so it can be enjoyed by rock aficionados the world over..

I was fortunate enough to see Page & Plant a few years ago when they toured for the No Quarter album, it was without question the best concert I have ever seen by exponents. What a beautiful thing to see them jamming all together again!

Led Zep performs last night.. Looks Awesome!

Led Zep Emergency Instructions: Open in case of Islamic Jihad ONLY.
There’s no music playing allowed whatsoever under the Jihad – It’s a sin, so hide those Zep CDs when the mullahs come for you.. lest these treasures be lost forever under Islam’s Iron Boot.