The joys of Sharia: Canadian Father strangles his own daughter with his bare hands


Here in Israel it’s too routine to be shocking with our large Arabic / Muslim population.. What you may ask? Well I’m talking about finding a dead young girl, often murdered by her father, or her brother. Sometimes they are murdered by cousins, or even their own mothers or sisters.

A few months ago we found one young woman dead from blunt force trauma, dumped by her family unceremoniously in a shallow ditch. Her brothers / family lured her to the area & murdered her with severe blows to the head. It’s called Honor Killing and it involves the ‘honorable’ murder of a loved one / family member for not wearing the proper head covering, or following strict Islamic edicts in the home. These are not isolated events here, it happens as part of the routine.

Oh Canada! 

Canada with its bend over backwards multiculturalism should take a good long look at Muslim efforts to instill Sharia (Muslim Laws) as an alternative to the regular system of laws we employ in Western nations, lest the dead girls really start piling up..

The Religion of Peace strikes again, this time in Canada where a 16 year old young Pakistani girl has been strangled to the point of hanging on in critical condition, her father called the authorities & told them he’d killed his own daughter, her crime? Refusal to wear head covering in Canada.

UPDATE: The young girl has died, her father is being charged with murder. (H/T Malkin)
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  • ERS

    There's nothing wrong with multiculturalism, but it runs amok when it trumps basic and universal human rights.  For example, if one's culture of birth allows the murder of girls and women for no justifiable reason, then universal human rights simply must trump culture in this instance.

    Ellen R. Sheeley, Author
    "Reclaiming Honor in Jordan"

  • Murdering daughters, sisters, nieces, wives under the guise of family "honor" is never acceptable, anywhere. 

    If you save a life, it is as if you have saved the entire world.  By speaking out — and up — about this heinous practice, I hope we are able to save the lives of women everywhere.

    Karen Tintori, author
    Unto the Daughters: The Legacy of an Honor Killing in a Sicilian-American Family

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  • Adrienne Rosen

    Yes, sadly every shelter in Toronto is full tonight of women, along with their children escaping domestic violence.  There is a continuum of violence that ranges from psychological violence to beating and to murder.  The fundamentalists and especially Islamic fundamentalists are at the far, far end of the spectrum and are the most violent.  They are now calling this a "common domestic dispute issue."  This is not exactly the case.  It is a domestic issue because it took place within a family within a home.  Aqsa dared to say "no." Saying "no" to an Islamic fundamentalist male carries a great risk of murder.  Aqsa was silenced and when she spoke and became autonomous she was killed for it.  These sorts of domestic murders so fuelled by patriarchal hatred must be re-classified as hate crimes.
    There is an attempt to stop people from attending the funeral today (Saturday) at the Islamic Centre of Canada at 2200 South Sheridan Road.  It is at 1:30 PM.
    This girl was silenced enough in her life.  Now the very people that accused her of shaming her family by not wearing the hijab want to silence her in death too.
    I urge everyone to attend the service.

  • It is beyond depravity that this is being called a 'domestic violence' incident in Canada. I am ashamed to be Canadian. Gd rest this innocent victim of a barbaric crime.

  • Anders Chydenius

    Muslims the world over should rise up in protest.  A Muslim has been murdered.  Honor killing is taboo in every culture.  It is a filthy, dirty secret that the family wears in shame.  Any Muslim who does not rise up in protest provides only so much more evidence that the Religion of Peace is a barbaric cult.  When Christian fundamentalists commit heinous acts, Christians routinely rise up in protest.  Muslims?  Submissive savages.  It's right there in the name: Islam = submission.