FYI: Haveil Havalim 144

Cooking up the holiday Jewish carnival is none other than superman Jack at the Shack, so gear up for the big crisp in the Haveil Havalim Too Many Latkes edition by heading over to Jack’s Shack.  Good man that he is I see he linked over in this week’s edition though I’m not sure to what.. My posts have been pretty edgy in light of Annapolis & the NIE on Iranian weapons (blech!).

Chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff, Admiral Mullen made a quickly scheduled 24 hour trip to Israel today to be briefed on our intel vis a vis Iran by our own Military chief. The first upper level military meeting on the matter since the NIE surfaced like a wounded sub. I am interested in the extreme to see what plays out of that. Olmert today at our weekly Security Cabinet made mention of ‘exposing the Iranian nuclear program to the world’..

In the mean time, I’m off to scoff another Latka at the Shack.