Pax-Americana: Mighty empire humbled by primitive looking Iranian man

Let’s get something straight, a nuclear Iran is a headstone for me & all the rest of us out here in Israel. I say that because I’m going to rip into America now, my second favorite country on Earth next to Israel. I happen to also be Canadian, so that should speak some to my great admiration of the USA, something readers here are already well aware of.

Decline of the American Empire – Rotten from within.

Iran is declaring victory today – and with good reason. This NIE that has been released has ended the fiasco to halt Iran’s nuclear weapons drive. Rice can sing & dance, Bush can stay the course, I applaud their effort but they have failed and Dr Rice shares a heavy load of the blame. The international community have been reluctant partners in this, the drive to end Iran’s program led by the US is over.

So, its not shocking to me that the NIE reeks of US State Dept foreign policy, reeks of Harry ‘now we need a diplomatic surge’ Reid, reeks of the failed stench of North Korea, Syria, Lebanon, Iraq (I hope we pull this one off in the end) Gaza, the PA.. A wasteland of failed State Department initiatives, yes sir the stench of failed foreign policy.

Now we are learning that the brand new oversight committee, which resulted in this total reversal of US intel policy, and which was in charge of the NIE as a new format this 1st time out.. Is made up of three former State Dept intel cronies. Shocka!! I question their intel, I question their motives, and I question their analysis. More importantly I question their wisdom.

HotAir has a great post up, including Ambassador Gillerman video btw

CO-Opting America for a ‘better future’.

The Democratic Party has been co-opted by its fringe, and through it America itself. With money & an agenda liberalism gone wild in the extreme is the order of the day. Co-opting, manipulation, you see it in the election campaigns now, you see it with the endless fury of 3rd party agenda groups who manipulate media with great skill, the media in turn like a broken record hammers & hammers until it seeps in, and so fiction can become a collective reality. You see it in the massive American bureaucracy, where critical departments of American policy like State, the CIA, and even in the military & Pentagon, this flourishing culture of entitlement and manipulation knows no bounds. These institutions no longer only serve America, they now also serve the partisan career makers within their walls and the agenda driven political views they hold.

From Plame, to every major national security program or initiative, leaks, partisan pushes, manipulation all pushing the agenda of not America, but of two Americas.. Now, Iran has won a major victory, America has been humbled thanks to what appears to be the most ludicrous intelligence estimate yet. One that totally disregards all shreds of reality in favor of the 2nd America agenda, which is not empowered by votes but the slinging of slime. The grand bargain is coming with Iran, the orgasmic vision of the new progressives that they can make peace with the Jihad.. Let me tell you when you deal with the devil you better expect to pay with your soul. 

How to grab America by the balls, & then lop them clean off.

Castrate America!!! Castrate the Presidency; Castrate the Military; Castrate funding. Castration is good because the fringe hates men.. Hates balls with a passion, the fringe is one big vagina-monologue.

You’ve lost your balls America, and now you’re going to get a taste of the second America full force, as the fringe agenda driven party now controls the house (with 7% approval ratings) and soon will control the big house too come 2008. From the Iraq study group, to Annapolis letters signed by former harbingers of failed policies, to state visits by Pelosi to Syria, right down to the 5th column undermining Bush at every turn in Rice’s State House and the CIA, the politicization of American policy has now reached new heights. Diplomacy with Hamas they say, diplomacy with Iran, diplomacy with the Jihad..

The hard left in America is excited & celebrating, sure why not? When Iran succeeds in its mission to master the nuke you’ll have officially handed the keys of your empire over to them, they’ll have you exactly where your balls USED to be. Even now the day after, the debate is not over how to contain Iran, but over ‘how much Bush knew – Pitiful, all packaged up in that liberal for the sake of liberalness media snark accusatory tone designed to usher in that new era of meatless, moraless, familyless, fueless, ‘utopian’ socially engineered society of lesbians and the little men they rule.

One that is just begging for a good Muslim whooping..
Link update: More video from HotAir, this time Bolton framing his views of the NIE.