Iran is Mother Theresa: Sign of Democratic things to come

Much talk about the US intelligence assessment that Iran halted its nuclear weapons program at some point in 2003. (memeorandum)

That’s it we won!!!

No, not all of us in the free world, I was speaking of the Dems & this election. That’s their reaction & this document seems custom sent for them a few weeks before primary season begins. Israel should have known better than to count on the intl community to stave of this existential threat, some of us have been frothing at the mouth in that regard for some time now.

Now the 1-2 punch is in, instead of Israel make concessions play ball, get screwed etc in return for a ‘real substantial halt of Iran’; We have Israel make concessions, play ball get screwed for ‘Iran is not a threat any longer’, oh and btw get ready for the next ‘grand bargain’ deal we are about to make at your expense..

The diplomatic resolution of the Iran issue that just so happens to NOT actually PREVENT the Iranians from their nuclear weapons drive. Lovely.

Which programs are we discussing in this document? Plutonium & heavy water programs? (The more secret arm of the Iranian weapons drive). Or the endless news reports of ever growing spinning centrifuge enrichment programs? (the less secret weapons program). With all these benevolent weapons drives its hard to be sure I guess, so my leaders are playing it cool.. Someone whip out the NIE on Syria also plz, so we can highlight the areas where American intel forgot to catch the Syrians building nuclear weapons plants / reactors the past few years, and the State Dept suggestion we (Israel) talk it out with Syria & ‘engage them’.

Israel’s leaders are playing it cool today, no problem. Of course we all know the Iranians are not halting any weapons drive, how politically expedient all of a sudden they are! I noticed the dates for estimated Iranian nuclear weapons possible achievement has not budged in this latest, or older NIEs, it has stayed the same because that’s how confident everyone is in American Intelligence these days, who’s number one skill it seems is not Intel work, but plumbing & leaks. 

This is just the start too, when the Dems get into full power our over-reliance on the US State Dept to steward & shepherd us the last few years is really going to come home to haunt us. The next step will be the Olmert Govt further playing it cool, preparing us to live with the shadow of a nuclear armed Iran – the result of this government’s amazing drive to halt Iran successfully! It’s working very well so far, just take a peek at the news today.


Link Update: Ledeen writes something coherent on the subject

Link Update II: Via the sexy c-span President Bush news conference where he faces the daunting task of explaining to smug reporters the threat is still around.
(Summary: Iran still seeking to enrich uranium, Iran had a covert program and still has not disclosed it, Iran developing three keys to weapons, material, delivery systems, & know how. Bush also stresses that carrot & stick approach seems to be working.. But what worked really? Moving that invasion force into Iraq around 2003 probably had more effect than socialist grown EU carrots imho, but what do I know.)