Tonight on ‘Annapolis’: J.R Ewing Returns!

Annapolis, Iranian nukes, suicide bombers, and now the occasional wall shake - Tel-Aviv TV is more exciting than Vegas baby!

While sitting around waiting for Olmert & CO to begin slicing up & chopping the State of Israel into pieces for Palestinian consumption, I can’t help but remark on the lack of excitement here in Israel. I’m thinking we’ve been beat into submission when it comes to peace. We already know the Palestinians don’t really want to live in peace with Israel, more like gain their biggest foothold here yet. A shiny new corrupt defunct nanny state in the heart of the Jewish world, what could be better than that for the eventual removal of Israel! Not much, but still we have to go through the motions, slice off a little more roast from the beef in a never ending concession stand to ‘inalienable Palestinian rights’..

It all gets a little tiresome after a while recognizing & paying homage to a people that didn’t exist a few decades ago, and who’s sole purpose since has been the destruction of Israel and a passion for violence. The worst part of it is this is like a TV episode, a crummy one at that. One we are forced to view over & over again even though we know how it all plays out. Meanwhile, more beef keeps coming off the roast. Jerusalem is a given these days, since its been put on the table so often already, now instead of keeping settlements, we have to swap land for them because this happened in a previous re-run of the episode. More concessions each airing, with the same lousy script.

Have you seen this one? This is the part where..

Myself, I’m waiting for the gorier part of the episode. You know, the part where the ‘Palestinian peace envoys’ are dispatched to Tel-Aviv & Jerusalem to spread good will, ball bearings & body parts across our public spaces in order to show the world how much they now love the Jews, uh I mean Zionists. Sure, Israel pays the biggest price of all during that part, but usually that’s where the reality TV portion of the episode really takes hold and we finally have something to actually get excited about, the parts just after where we smack the Palestinians around a little bit & actually take back some what we’ve ceded to Terrorists in order to placate world opinion.

Until then there’s plenty to be excited about here in Tel-Aviv, who knows where the 1st Iranian nuke will go off, things are going so well with the US / EU effort to halt that whole thing that I’m figuring it’ll be any time now so that’s exciting. Plus, yesterday was the 4th or 5th earthquake we’ve had in about a month now. Seeing as my second temple era apartment building built on narrow posts (for lord knows what reason) shakes as if the golden calf itself is being stored in the basement with a 4.0 quake, this leaves me fairly certain that in the likely event of a 5.5-6.5 earthshaker soon - I’ll have my hands full trying to dig out of the rubble.

Must See TV 

I hope I don’t miss my favorite episode of ‘The Peace Process’. Maybe the US writers strike will mean re-writes this round, until then Vegas will have to wait, there’s always plenty of action in Tel-Aviv!

Don’t change the channel, my favorite episode of ‘Let’s investigate a senior Olmert Govt official on corruption charges’ is about to air. I think this is the one where Shas’ Eli Yishay, & Avigdor Lieberman explain to all of us why they are still sitting in the government.

That’s got to be better than another ‘Annapolis’ re-run.