Annapolis: The road to Hell is paved with good intentions

I was away from my blog the last few weeks, but try as I may I just can’t seem to get away from the Annapolis fiasco unfolding in Maryland. Count me out from supporting any peace deals at the moment, the truth of the matter is that discussion of peace now is sheer folly.

  • The Gaza withdrawal was a disaster.
  • The Palestinian leadership is too weak to deliver anything at all, let alone peace.
  • How can there be peace negotiations while Israel is under daily FIRE!? The notion is absurd, Olmert is the most irresponsible Prime Minister in Israeli history.

What we are seeing here is the culmination of Rice’s ‘Israel for Iran’ strategy, yet another grand bargain to offer up Israeli concessions in return for fractured, weak, & tepid Arab concensus on the issue of Iran.

Suddenly Rice is pouring out comments like ‘Failure is not an option’ in regards to the summit, that’s comforting because this will fail miserably. In the end Olmert will waffle on the Palestinian issues, rejuggle his coalition even more left, further endangering Israel. While the US will not succeed diplomatically with Iran, not use force, and the result will be the Iranians with total impunity to do as they will armed with nuclear weapons, leaving what already appears to be a castrated State of Israel that will require years to recover – if ever from the loss of its last leader Ariel Sharon, and the current pitiful group of self serving schmucks that make up the 120 member Knesset.

No Way Out 

I’m watching Bush now live from Annapolis, at this point I’m struck by how outmaneuvered Olmert’s Kadima coalition has been so far. There’s no way out, instead of a cycle of violence we have had a cycle of weakness and it culminates here with Rice freely wheeling & dealing Israeli concessions in order to suit her State Department’s own agenda. Israel, seemingly now tied by the waist to Rice’s runaway roller coaster foreign policy.

On Issue after issue, from Hamas entering the elections, to arming the Palestinians with armored vehicles, to responding to rocket attacks, to running out of Lebanon having not accomplished Israeli goals, to tackling Gaza, to retrieving Israeli POWs, to securing Israel’s border at Rafah or now – Finally standing up to the American last ditch life boat effort to save their fleeting Lebanese & Palestinian ‘Democracies strategy’ at Israel’s expense.. Olmert’s government has waffled on them all. Rice has run RAMSHOD over us thanks to our pitifully weak govt.

Now we all have to pretend peace is at hand, when in reality war has never been more imminent!? It’s the devil’s work I tell ya.

  • Neil

    You're right…  Annapolis is a train wreck.  I'm not even as close as you are to the carnage.  But I don't understand how a lame duck PM – who I believe was never even elected to his post – can have a mandate to negotiate on the issues being negotiated.  Either Israelis these days are feeling extremely desperate or their feeling extremely pissed.

  • Israelis are feeling powerless.. Canada is a good example to use, the conservatives hold the minority government despite the fact that most canadians would probably prefer to live under a Liberal govt, but the Liberal govt won't call an election because the best they can do is wrangle a minority themselves if that.

    They are far more concerned with their own hides, regardless of public will. This governments ministers in Israel know they will be savaged if elections are called. They are holding on no matter what with zero mandate.

  • Neil

    My mistake… Olmert was elected as leader of the party with the most seats, but that party always needed many coalition partners to keep it afloat.  And I doubt the same election results would happen if elections were held now.


    "At a meeting earlier this week in Washington, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov informed Defense Minister Ehud Barak that Russia has decided to supply the nuclear fuel rods for Iran's Bushehr power plant.

    Lavrov's announcement contradicts Russian President Vladimir Putin's promise, during his meeting with Olmert several weeks ago, not to supply the fuel for the reactor in Bushehr."
    Looks like the PM enjoys collecting worthless promises.

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