New Intifada: Palestinian Jerusalem residents want no part of PA State

Via memeorandum this gem from the Globe & Mail in frosty autumn Canada..

Some Palestinians prefer life in IsraelIn East Jerusalem, residents say they would fight a handover to Abbas regime

JERUSALEM – After 40 years of living under Israeli occupation, two stints in Israeli prisons and a military checkpoint on the same road as his odds-and-ends shop, one would think Nabil Gheit would be happy to hear an Israeli prime minister contemplate handing over parts of East Jerusalem to Palestinian control.

But the mayor of Ras Hamis, a Palestinian neighbourhood on the eastern fringe of this divided city, says that he can’t think of a worse fate for him and his constituents than being handed over to the weak and ineffective Palestinian Authority right now.

“If there was a referendum here, no one would vote to join the Palestinian Authority,” Mr. Gheit said, smoking a water pipe as he whiled away the afternoon watching Lebanese music videos. “We will not accept it. There would be another intifada [uprising] to defend ourselves from the PA.”

In comments that are likely to stir fierce debate on both sides, Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert suggested yesterday that Israel could relinquish several Arab areas on the periphery of East Jerusalem. The idea is likely to please very few, since many Israelis consider Jerusalem indivisible, while few Palestinians would accept a peace deal that didn’t include sovereignty over the al-Aqsa mosque compound, the third-holiest site in Islam.

Those who live in the neighbourhoods Mr. Olmert spoke of handing over are nonetheless worried that Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas, who is seen as weak and desperate for an achievement after losing control of the Gaza Strip to the Islamist Hamas movement, will accept the offer. They dislike the idea of their neighbourhoods, which are generally more prosperous than other parts of the West Bank, being absorbed into the chaotic Palestinian territories.

Mr. Gheit, with two posters of “the martyr Saddam Hussein” hanging over his cash register, can hardly be called an admirer of the Jewish state. But he says that an already difficult life would get worse if those living in Ras Hamis and the adjoining Shuafat refugee camp were suddenly no longer able to work in Israel, or use its publicly funded health system.

The 53-year-old said he’d be happy to one day live in a properly independent Palestinian state, but not one that looks anything like the corruption-racked and violence-prone areas that are split between the warring Hamas and Fatah factions. “I don’t believe in these factions. I only believe in putting bread on the table for my children. I fight only for them. At least in Israel, there’s law.” [...]

There’s more in the article, but it’s nice to see how happy the Palestinians have been so far in committing usury of Israel’s generosity to them. Few people realize the Palestinians barely had electricity or running water before Israel conquered territories from Jordan & Egypt in 1967, and now they benefit from massive development by Israel. Don’t expect them to admit this often as it doesn’t jive with the BS narrative we hear about everyday in the media of how poorly treated & abused the Palestinians are by the little Satan Israel..

More amazingly, the World is rushing to jam the Palestinians towards an un-viable due to their own incompetence state, as if this will magically cure the world’s ills. Seems, no matter what course is taken the Palestinians will resort to, you guessed it.. violence.

Blair better hurry up with all that institution building, as free Israeli health care, welfare, social services, justice & legal systems etc etc won’t last forever..


UPDATE: Palestinians in Israel have it better than Palestinians in Lebanon, BY FAR.

Amnesty International wakes up 60 YEARS later and finally acknowledges what has been widely known in these parts for decades, but remains hidden under the carpet by the rest of the world; That is that the Palestinian people are & have been used as pawns by the Arab world to keep the region in conflict and divert attention from their own despotic ways & regimes.

Haaretz via AP: Amnesty Int’l slams Lebanon for plight of Palestinian refugees

The Lebanese government must do more to alleviate the miserable conditions of Palestinian refugees in Lebanon who are treated like “second-class citizens”, Amnesty International said on Wednesday.

In a report “Exiled and Suffering: Palestinian Refugees in Lebanon”, the London-based human rights group said the refugees face discrimination in
education, jobs, health care and housing.

More than half the 400,000 registered Palestinian refugees in Lebanon
since their families fled their homes after the creation of Israel in 1948 live in 12 cramped, squalid and often unsanitary camps scattered across the country.

“The continuing restrictions on Palestinian refugees, which effectively
render them the status of second-class residents, continue to be little short of a scandal and they should be lifted without further procrastination or delay,” Amnesty said.

“The appalling social and economic conditions of those refugees demonstrate forcefully the failure of successive governments in Israel,
Lebanon, other regional states and the wider international community to respect and protect their rights, and to find a sustainable and just solution to their plight over a period that now stretches to almost six decades.”

Lebanese officials could not immediately be reached for comment. [...]

Notice how they chiefly 1st blame Israel up there!? Unreal, in any case the Palestinians in Lebanon who are termed refugees have been that way so long they’ve QUADRUPLED their population.. Why pray tell are they still refugees!? Because the Arabs prefer to keep them languishing in ghettos where they serve to enrage the world against Israel much more than they prefer to allow them to go on with their lives, perpetual refugees, the only ones on Earth – kept that way to serve their Arab masters.

Quick facts:

Palestinian ‘refugees’, or should we say the grandchildren of original Palestinian refugees there in Lebanon are not allowed to own land, not allowed to work in numerous professions, be doctors, lawyers, nurses etc etc, build anything, the list goes on & on.

These terms are WAY harsher than ANYTHING Israel has ever imposed on its Palestinian population, but until today for 60 years you probably never heard anything about it, why would you? There’s no Zionists at work there in Lebanon, no meat for the media. Forget health-care, identity cards, or citizenship like Israeli Palestinians often benefit from, the only thing Lebanon gives them is the occasional bout of diarrhea from the sanitary conditions.

Where’s the outrage? The UN monitoring committees? The Arab League? Where’s Europe? Where’s the 20 odd Arabic countries who supposedly champion the Palestinian cause? All nowhere to be found, do you know why? Because they don’t champion the Palestinian cause, they champion the ANTI-ISRAEL cause.

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