CNN’s stature in Israel approaches irrelevant

CNN’s never ending slide into rampant leftism has further eroded the once heralded news station’s stature here in the Holy Land. A few years ago providers threatened to outright drop CNN from the grid due to what Israel perceived as enormous bias against our country in coverage.

The criticism went all the way up to official government spokespeople. That led to intervention by senior CNN executives and pledges to stiffen up the network’s coverage from the spineless jihad love fest normally being exhibited..

Now HOT Cable, the largest cable provider in Israel wants better terms on CNN’s renewal here, citing the network’s ‘fall from grace’ as the cable news leader to the Fox News network & is threatening to simply drop CNN outright.

JPOST – ‘Hot’ TV prepares to pull plug on CNN

More than half of Israel’s TV audience will lose access to CNN next month, the international news channel said Tuesday. The announcement came as contract negotiations collapsed between the news network and Hot Television, with the 24-hour news channel saying it had yet to receive a “serious” offer from Israel’s largest cable provider. [...]

A Hot representative confirmed Tuesday the company had refused to match the terms of its previous contract with CNN, saying expectations that it do so were “unrealistic” because CNN had lost its status as the top-rated news network to Fox News. The statement was a reference to Fox’s dominance in the American TV ratings, where it first surpassed CNN as the most-watched cable news network in 2002.

The apparent dig at CNN gave some insight into the tone of the negotiations between the two companies, which a CNN spokeswoman said had consisted of “a brief meeting and a few phone calls.” No additional talks are scheduled at the moment, officials for both sides confirmed. Hagit Mendes, the spokeswoman for CNN, described an initial renewal offer from HOT as “insulting,” saying the company would “basically deprive half the Israeli population of one of the most important channels in the world” should it go through with threats to remove CNN.

Mendes said that just three countries in the world – Iran, North Korea and Myanmar – didn’t carry CNN, and that “it wouldn’t look very good” if Israel were to move closer to joining that list. [...]

CNN’s typical liberal elitist arrogance is unmatched. We don’t need CNN here in Israel, nor would dropping CNN reflect poorly on Israel at all, the opposite in fact. It would be a reflection on the poor whitewashed Middle East coverage by the network, not Israel!

Miss Mendes like a little turd compares Israel to Iran & North Korea.. That’s the problem Miss Mendes, you keep equating Israel with Iran & North Korea the most appaling regimes on Earth, not only in your contract negotiations, but in your broad coverage which features endless moral equivalency that does not reflect reality. There’s so much Islamic ‘context’ & apologizing going on for the brutal savages that murder in Islam’s name that we here in Israel can’t stomach your network any longer.

On top of the insult that is CNN’s piss poor, monstrously left tilted reporting we are also expected to cut checks & pay for this privilege!? I think not personally. Israel is served by Fox News, Sky News, the already leftist diseased BBC etc and features one of the most wired / connected & informed populations on the planet, we don’t need your schlock – Take it & shove it where the sun don’t shine.

Don’t call us, we’ll call you.

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  • michael david

    All one has to do is look at the money trail behind cnn.  Time warner is the biggest media company in the world and the parent company of cnn. Al waheed ben-talal, a saudi known for supporting terrorist like bin-ladin, owns over 1 billion dollars of time warner stock.  This guy is the guy that tried to give Gullioni 10 million dollars after 911,along with the money he offered that because of the usa's support of Israel is why the usa was attacked.  Just think if hitler would have the power of world media for his evil propaganda against the jews.  Cnn take your christine amanpour and get the hell out of the Holy Land you lying bastards.  M.D

  • Glad to see another enthusiastic CNN supporter ;)