On The Frontline: Talk Radio Time!


My profound thanks to Heidi of EuphoricReality fame for such a great show & handling the reigns for Kit whom I hope feels better pronto. Great callers (impressively informed I must say). A most interesting discussion from my perspective that was very enjoyable, WELL worth a few hours slumber & then some! Archives, if you’d like to tune in will be up I imagine shortly at the links.

Be sure to tune in to The Frontline Wed & Fri at 10PM Eastern with Kit at BlogTalkRadio & thanks again for having me for round 2!


I’ll be joining my favorite red headed infidel Kit on her BlogTalkRadio show “The Frontline” tonight to discuss Iran.

Should be a good time as I had fun last time she had me on. Of course, I’ll be on my best behaviour seeing as it will be late AM here in Israel. Catch it live if you’d like streaming at 10 PM Eastern :)

On Deck:
Everyone knows I’m a big fan of the Iranian regime, I’m hoping to look at some of the often unspoken tough questions with Kit. Laying out the terrain regarding US or Israeli military strikes, while keeping an eye on the multilateral paralysis vis a vis the diplomatic course.